Peter Milligan Raises the RED LANTERNS in New DC Ongoing

Milligan To Write RED LANTERNS Ongoing

DC's line of Green Lantern titles are continuing to grow, with Red Lanterns getting their own ongoing series, the publisher announced Monday. The comic will join monthly titles Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors.

Writing the series is Peter Milligan, best-known for work on Vertigo titles such as Shade the Changing Man and Hellblazer, plus Marvel's X-Statix and that company's upcoming 5 Ronin. In 2007, he wrote the DC Universe-set series Infinity Inc., which lasted 12 issues.

The Red Lantern Corps, introduced by writer Geoff Johns in 2007's Green Lantern #25, are led by Atrocitus (and include among their ranks the feline Dex-Starr), and are powered by the emotion of rage. No artist has been announced for the series yet, nor a release date beyond "2011." Comments from Milligan on the series can be found on The Source, DC's official blog.

Are you interested in another GL-family ongoing? Are you interested in another GL-family ongoing?

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