Newsarama Readers' Favorite WRITER of 2010: GEOFF JOHNS

Your Favorite Writer for the second year in a row is Geoff Johns.

Johns started in a lower seed this year, which is a testament to the talent that was seen in this tournament. Starting with 16 names that were taken from 66 nominees, any one writer winning this thing had a lot in front of them. Johns personally defeated Ron Marz, Gail Simone, and Grant Morrison in his path to victory, before taking down the master of the undead, Robert Kirkman.

While there was no big "summer crossover" this year at DC (although Blackest Night concluded in 2010), Johns certainly remained an architect of the DC Universe, being a driving force behind the Brightest Day, both as a bi-monthly limited series and as a brand. The Flash with Favorite Artist finalist Francis Manapul has proved popular in this year, as it runs-up to next year's event comic, Flashpoint. Of course, Green Lantern also continues to be a sales and critical juggernaut.

Meanwhile, of course, he's also been busy in his new role as DC Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer. Johns was on set during the filming of the Green Lantern film, has been working with film, tv, and games producers on new projects, some announced, some still a mystery, and still found time to write some more Smallville & contribute to Robot Chicken again.

So what does Geoff Johns think about this award from you, our readers? Here's what he had to say on the victory and his year at DC Comics:

“In  2010, I was fortunate enough to continue to work with an amazing group of creative collaborators on the conclusion to Blackest Night, Brightest Day, Green Lantern, Superman: Secret Origin and the re-launch of the Flash.  I work with the best in  the business -- each one of them pours every ounce of their passion into  everything we do.  Thanks to Eddie Berganza & Adam Schlagman & Rex Ogle, Ivan & Joe and the whole Brightest Day team, Francis Manapul, Peter Tomasi,  Gary Frank, Doug Mahnke and Newsarama and the Newsarama readers (who are the ones that make these awards) for their support!  Here’s to a great 2011 for everyone!”

Who are your top artists of the year?

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