DC Comics LEGACIES: A Field Guide #9 More GREEN LANTERNS!

DC LEGACIES: Field Guide #9 More GLs!

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You know what this is.  You know how this works.   Power rings charged?


Ch’p:   This H'lvenite GL of Sector 1014 first appeared in 1982 in Green Lantern #148.  Despite his cute and furry appearance, Ch’p would invite much tragedy over the course of his life.  Upon becoming a Green Lantern, Ch’p trained alongside Earth’s GL Hal Jordan.  Back home, he had a girlfriend, M’nn’e, and an arch-nemesis, Dr. Ub’x.

Then came the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Unlike a number of GLs, Ch’p survived the Crisis.  However, his return home was anything but joyous.  In the universe born out of that cosmic calamity, the Ch’p of this new H’lven had died years previously.  M’nn’e was married to Ch’p’s best friend.  Additionally, no one but the Green Lanterns remembered the previous universe (something that I believe was phased out over time), so Ch’p couldn’t even really explain his dilemma.  Instead, he joined a number of other GLs that relocated to Earth.

Ch’p eventually clashed with Dr. Ub’x again; it turned out that the Ub’x also remember the universe before the Crisis, and it gave the two foes a kind of kinship.  (Note: Dr. Ub’x actually had an entry in a Who’s Who Update.  Seriously.)  Ch’p did eventually return to his homeworld.

When the power battery broke after the Corps executed Sinestro, not the time it broke when Hal Jordan went batshit crazy, Ch’p possessed one of the other remaining rings that still worked.  He began working on the Mosaic world, where, unfortunately, he was, get this, hit and killed by a yellow truck.  That’s right: the GL that looks like a squirrel became roadkill.

BUT!  Despite the fact that simply being a GL makes you a legacy character, Ch’p ALSO had someone to carry on his legacy for H’lven.  The present GL of the planet is B’dg.  Ch’p was one of the Black Lanterns that rose during the Blackest Night, but his revenant form was destroyed by Guy Gardner.

It’s worth noting that Ch’p has had a pretty big media presence outside of comics.  He appeared in the “Green Loontern” episode of “Duck Dodgers”, multiple episodes of “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”, and in the DC Animated film “Green Lantern: First Flight”.  Not to be outdone, B’dg will be immortalized in action figure form in the second wave of Green Lantern Classics figures from Mattel in 2011; B’dg will be packaged with Red Lantern “rage cat” Dex-Star and Sinestro Corps virus Despotellis.


Mogo:  How many Green Lanterns can lay claim to being created by the guys that did Watchmen?  How many are freaking planets?  That number is exactly one.  Mogo, created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, debuted in Green Lantern #188 in 1985.   

Mogo’s creation ultimately seems to have a been a clever punchline by Moore and Gibbons.  His first story in the tale of Bolphunga the Unrelenting, a villain who tries to track down Mogo.  After spending much time on the planet where Mogo supposedly lives, Bolphunga comes to understand that Mogo IS the planet, and that his foliage, seen from orbit, is a GL symbol. 

From that, Mogo could have been a one-and-done.  However, his presence has become a larger part of the GL legacy.  In fact, it was revealed during the Sinestro Corps War that it’s actually Mogo that guides GL rings to their new chosen champion, functionally making Mogo perhaps the most important member of the Corps.

Mogo has appeared in a number of stories that feature the Lanterns, and had prominent roles in both the aforementioned Sinestro Corps War and The Blackest Night.  Perhaps his greatest moment of interaction with the rest of the universe came during the Infinite Crisis.  When Superman and the Superman of Earth-2 pursued Superboy-Prime into space to prevent him from destroying Oa, Superboy-Prime encountered a holding action set up by the entire Green Lantern Corps.   The two Supermen fly Superboy-Prime through the red sun Rao in order to depower him, and the trio crash land on . . . Mogo, whom had moved into position for the fight.  Though the Earth-2 Superman dies, Superboy-Prime is defeated and take prisoner by the Corps.

Like Ch’p, Mogo appeared on “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”; he plays a huge part in the “Eyes of Despero” episode.  Endangered by both Despero and Sinestro, Mogo is saved by G’nort.  Mogo then aids Batman, who is fighting Despero in orbit, by clobbering the three-eyed villain with a huge chunk of rock expelled from his surface.

Next time, gang: A look at Robot Lanterns!  Even if you don’t count the Alpha Lanterns (and believe us, we do), there have been a number of robot-like beings that have slung the green ring.  Foremost among these is probably Stel, also set to receive figure representation in 2011.  Until next time!

Have we covered your favorite GL yet? Have we covered your favorite GL yet?

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