DYNAMO 5 Has a Family Christmas in Holiday Special

DYNAMO 5 Has a Family Christmas

Faced with the threat of a super-villain burst out of prison right in the middle of a bustling holiday season, who do the citizens of Tower City turn to when they want to make sure they’ll live to see the new year?

Dynamo 5, that’s who.

Jay Faerber’s team of superhero siblings returns this month in an all-new one-shot simply titled Dynamo 5: Holiday Special, on shelves now. Following up from the recently concluded Sins of the Father miniseries, this special one-shot illustrated by Marcio Takara (Incredibles, Incorruptible) takes the Dynamo 5  head-to-head with one of their father’s old villains, named Luminex. He’s no glass cleaner – he’s a light-based super villain who went toe-to-toe with their father Captain Dynamo back in the day, but has been a model prisoner as of late in the pen. So why’s he out, what’s he after – and when will these kids have time for Christmas dinner?

Newsarama: What led you to do this holiday story, Jay?

Jay Faerber: It was really Marcio Takara, the artist who drew the one-shot. He had drawn a fill-in issue of Dynamo 5 during the regular series (issue #18), and he got in touch and asked if we needed another fill-in. He was looking to do something to flex slightly different muscles than those he was using on The Incredibles. I told him that since we've switched to a mini-series format, we don't really have a need for fill-ins. But I love Marcio's stuff, and if he wanted to draw more Dynamo 5, I certainly wasn't going to turn him away. So I pitched him the idea of a Holiday one-shot, told him what the deadline would be, and he signed on.

Nrama: And what are Captain Dynamo’s kids up to in this one-shot?

Faerber: This one-shot is kind of a return to Dynamo 5's roots, in terms of its approach. The Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father mini-series was a real departure, in that most of it revolved around one, giant fight. I'm not normally known for my fight scenes, so I wanted to try something different with that mini. But the Holiday one-shot is a simple done-in-one story, which longtime Dynamo 5 readers may remember is how the book kicked off.

Issues #1-4 were all stand-alone stories, until we did our first three-part arc with issues #5-7. And while the Holiday one-shot is a self-contained story, it also picks up on threads begun in Sins of the Father. It's almost like an epilogue, in certain respects.

The story itself picks up about a month after the events of Sins of the Father. Tower City is still being rebuilt following all the destruction. Supervision, Menagerie, Ramjet, and Wraith are all still keeping an eye on Smasher after his actions in that mini-series. He killed three aliens in pretty brutal fashion, and they're not sure what long-term consequences he'll be facing.

So amidst all of that, one of Captain Dynamo's old villains escapes from prison, and Dynamo 5 have to track him down.

Nrama: Tell us about that old nemesis of their daddy Captain Dynamo.

Faerber: His name is Luminex, and at first glance he appears to be a typical Silver Age-style villain. He's got light-based powers but there's nothing particularly noteworthy about him. In fact, he's been a model prisoner. So his escape has an air of mystery to it, as well.

Nrama: If Captain Dynamo were around, he’d be handling this. See as now his kids are cleaning up for him, would you say Dynamo 5 have taken up their father's role as the key protector of Tower City? If so, what's that like for them?

Faerber: I think Dynamo 5 feel they've taken up their father's role in that regard, and it's something they're proud of. It's a responsibility they feel. But the residents of Tower City may not be entirely grateful, after the pounding the city took in Sins of the Father.

And we've seen that the government thinks someone else should be in charge of protecting Tower City, which is why they've installed the Primaries as the city's official heroes. Is Tower City big enough for two teams of heroes? That remains to be seen.

Nrama: The Dynamo 5 was brought together because of their father Captain Dynamo, but they were all raised by different families. What do thos families have to say about the heritage of their sons and daughters, especially during this family holiday?

Faerber: Well, only some of the kids' parents know about their connection to Captain Dynamo. Menagerie's father and Smasher's mother both know, but Ramjet and Supervision's families are in the dark. Wraith's an orphan, which poses its own set of problems in regards to holidays. So Ramjet and Supervision have to juggle their "regular" families with their "super-hero" families, whereas Menagerie and Smasher's parents are more than happy to share their holidays with the other Dynamo 5 kids.

Nrama: Holiday stories are a unique thing in comics – have you had the opportunity in the past to do them? What do you think of the tradition?

Faerber: I've been in this business for over 10 years, and I've written a couple holiday-themed stories, but not many. It's something I enjoy, though. I always get a kick out of the holiday-themed anthologies DC and Marvel put out (Image put one out a few years back, too). I think it's a great tradition. Anything that provides a reason to do smaller, character-driven stories is okay by me.

Nrama: This is aiming to come out just days before Christmas, and the last miniseries, Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father wrapped up about a month ago. Is there more on the horizon for Dynamo 5 in 2011?

Faerber: There sure is! We haven't set a release date yet, but sometime in 2011 we'll be unveiling Dynamo 5: Certain Death, our latest mini-series. As you can probably tell by the title, someone's going to die.

Happy Super Holidays!

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