Marvel Teaser : "DO YOU FEAR"... pt. 6


Update Tuesday, 12/21: After taking Monday morning off, the Marvel "Do You Fear..." teasers are back. "Do You Fear the Legacy You'll Leave Behind" is presumably the last teaser before Marvel announces the project they're all related to, what Marvel is calling, "the biggest comics event happening in 2011", that will "rock the Marvel Universe to its core."

Marvel is set to announce the project at a press conference at 12pm EDT today.


Update Friday, 12/17: Friday afternoon brings the fifth (and presumably final) "Do You Fear..." teaser of the week from Marvel, before the publisher reveals the mystery project behind the teasers next week via a live press conference at Noon Eastern on December 21st.

This time it's Odin holding his son Thor at spearpoint, accompanied by the text "Do You Fear... Family Secrets?"

Well, looks like this is tied to whatever the next big Marvel Universe event might be. Until next week, feel free to speculate on what's making the heroes of the Marvel Universe so... fearful.?


Update Thursday, 12/16: The Hulk has blood on his hands - literally - in Thursday morning's new Marvel "Do You Fear..." teaser image. And apparently the blood is the Avengers'.

What "fear" will Friday morning bring?


Update Wednesday, 12/15: As expected, there is a new morning entry in Marvel's newest teaser campaign - "Do You Fear ... A Loss of Faith", featuring what appears to be the Steve Rogers-Captain America (note the costume, the blond hair) holding his shattered shield.

Are these perhaps teasing a alternative reality/universe story of some kind?

Expect a new entry Thursday morning...


Update Tuesday, 12/14: It looks like another series of teasers (definitely the "it" marketing campaign of 2010) from Marvel, these asking the question: "Do You Fear..?"

Today's shows the X-Men's leader Cyclops, apparently asking if the mantle of leadership post-House of M is turning him into man he's fought against most of his career with the team - Magneto, a fair an astute question given some of Cyclops actions and decisions the last several years.

You can probably look for a new teaser Wednesday morning..



Original Post Mon. 12/13: "Do You Fear… Tomorrow?"

That's the question asked by Marvel's latest teaser image, sent to press with no further comment or indication if this is the mainstream Marvel Universe or Ultimate Universe version of Spider-Man. Promoting a project coming in April, the image shows Spider-Man confronted by a variety of current societal issues: unemployment, national security, war and the recession.

Marvel's March solicitations debut this month, which means it might be a while before we learn what this is all about — but these days, teaser images frequently come in a series, so keep reading this week to see if more might be coming.

What do you think this image is teasing? What do you think this image is teasing?

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