Damn Dirty Comics #4: BRIGHTEST DAY, BUFFY; Haiku?

Best Shots Rapid Reviews: BRIGHTEST DAY

This week on Damn Dirty Comics . . . We got ALL HAIKU!  (Yes, we recognize that Haiku in tradition does not have to be bound to the 17 syllable restriction, going down to under 10 in some modern interpretations in English, not to mention the disconnect between how the Japanese on are counted versus English syllables, about 17 to 12, more or less, but we’re gonna go with 5-7-5 because damn it, it’s easier).

Brightest Day #15

Green Martian Season

Did Gen Lost do this last week?

Dream sequence filler

Batman: Orphans #1

Oliver Twist rise!

Don the mantle of the Bat

Was that Superboy?!

Doom Patrol #17

This book still goes on

Frankly, we’re shocked by this news

We gave it ten, tops.

JSA All-Stars #13

Clone pains in the ass

Just ask Howard Mackie, dude

Trading bones must hurt

Secret Six #28

Skartaris fight scene!

Is this a new line-up, kids?

Shark’s in the hot tub!

Vertigo Resurrected: Winter’s Edge

Gaiman! Ennis! Pope!

Gibbons! Vaughan! Sandman! Swamp Thing!

Wait, I’ve read these! Sigh.

Heroes for Hire #1

Birds of Prey with guys!

Misty Knight as Lynne Thigpen

The Warriors dig it.

Shadowland #5

We did not read this.

Daredevil fights heroes here

Ghost Rider cover, though.

Civil War: Spider-Man HC

Relive Spidey’s war

Unmasking retconned after

Devil deal was pending.

Deadpool Team-Up Vol. 1 TPB

Dismiss Wade’s success

Maybe Rob makes a comment?

That train’s never late.

Amazing Spider-Man #649

This came out last time?

Sorry, must have missed this one

Dan said go f@#$ ourselves

Raise the Dead 2 #1

Nice “The Birds” cover

Zombie goodness inside here

Always room for ghouls

Buddha HC, Vampirella Masters Vol. 2, Athena TPB

Three collections out

Dynamite welcomes all faiths

Buddhist, Greek, or blood

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #39

Buffy fights Angel!

No, Giles! Necks do not do that!

Season nine Head-less?

Marineman #1

Something familiar?

I think I’ve seen Steve Ocean

Fair use parody?

Irredeemable #20

Plutonian out

Survivor is a douchebag

Vespa HATE scooters.


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