NEW COMICS DAY Twitterama - YOU Review Comics! 12/08

NEW COMICS DAY Twitterama - YOU Review!

Another New Comic Book Day is here, and this week's new releases are guaranteed to at least be 97 percent more exciting than your average WikiLeak-ed cable. Previews of many of this week's comics, including an exclusive look at Batgirl #16, are right here.

If you've been wondering when you could see a colored pencil drawing of two of Flash's Rogues along with a look at some of this week's comic books, well, J. Caleb Mozzocco's latest installment of ‘Twas the Night Before Wednesday… at Blog@Newsarama has you more than covered.

Marvel's Widowmaker storyline was originally meant to be a crossover between their Black Widow and Hawkeye & Mockingbird titles, but now it's being released as its own miniseries, with issue #1 out today. Also at Marvel, Michael Avon Oeming is returning to the God of War, writing the Chaos War: Ares one-shot.

Over yonder DC's way, a couple of buzzed-about books get second issues — the Jeff Lemire-written Superboy and the Nick Spencer-penned Thunder Agents. And for something completely different, the most adorable crossover of the year reaches its close with Tiny Titans/Little Archie #3.

The third of the three Stan Lee titles from BOOM! Studios hits racks this week, Starborn #1 by Chris Roberson and Khary Randolph. Rock 'n roll powers Image's 27 #1, and IDW's got Mystery Society #5, bringing that series to a close.

The Best Shots team has already advance reviewed those last three comics (and Aspen's Lady Mechanika #1), but you can probably see where this is going — we want to hear from you. So buy some comics, read 'em, get on Twitter (Don't forget to follow us!), and let the world know your 140-character-or-less thoughts on this week's releases. Just add the hashtag:


and it'll go into our stream right here! So share your thoughts, spread the word, and let's talk comics!

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