Rival Schools: Dinis TOWER PREP v Spencers MORNING GLORIES


It used to be that if you were a gifted, but troubled, young person there was just one institute of higher learning in Westchester, NY, that you could attend to not only develop the skills that make you special, but to learn and grow as a person. However, times have changed. Two new schools have opened, both elite academies with state of the art facilities, sterling reputations and a sinister dark side. Tower Preparatory School, of the Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series) created television series Tower Prep and the Morning Glory Academy of Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma’s Image comic Morning Glories choose only the best students and promise them the world; if, that is, they survive the curriculum. So, in an inter-media inter-mural match, how do the evil schools of the twenty-first century stack up against each other?



Tower Prep: Underachieving martial arts expert Ian Archer often went looking for trouble just to get a chance to exert some control over his world. Gifted with ‘preflexes,’ he can see a moment into the future and react faster then any normal person could. Kidnapped in the night to Tower Prep, he is promised a chance to develop his ability; he is willing to play along until he can find a way out.

Morning Glory Academy: Physics prodigy Casey Blevins learns quickly that her free ride scholarship to the Morning Glory Academy came with a terrible personal price. Her first few days at the school greeted her with fear, pain, homicidal roommates and challenging physics trivia. She must trust her new friends and the guerrilla prankster skills her father taught her not just to escape but to survive.

Dean’s List

Tower Prep: A small group of students quickly recruits Ian Archer into their plans for escape, adding his skills to their own complement of abilities to covertly to investigate their school while maintaining the image of rule abiding students. Nerdy Gabe’s power of persuasion can talk people into doing anything, C.J., a model student and a popular girl in school, can read people’s body language to the smallest twitch, and shy tech-head Suki can mimic any voice she’s heard and replicate any handwriting she’s seen.

Morning Glory Academy: The six newest students at MGA have almost nothing in common other than all being strangers together in a strange land. Tough and focused Jun seems to have his own agenda, flirty Zoe maybe only pretends not to care, Hunter is a geek with a sense of adventure, borderline sociopath Ike looks forward to new targets for manipulation and poetic, emotional ‘Jade’ is looking inward for herself.



Tower Prep: Not much is known is about the building complex that composes the school, other than it has been in operation for decades and is managed by an artificial intelligence who’s true allegiance is unknown. It has the standard complement of dorms, a cafeteria, a library, a prison for rule breaking students called the ‘west campus’ and a gym for the school’s unique intramural sport, Buffer, which is a played between three teams simultaneously on rollerblades with lacrosse/hockey sticks.

Morning Glory Academy: Open for only fourteen years inside a 250-year-old monastery, MGA is littered with secret rooms, dungeons and laboratories. Plenty of space for weird ancient rituals, experiments on students and mysterious humming artifacts.


Tower Prep: While the school’s AI handles the maintenance, scheduling and even the cooking in the cafeteria, the teachers and senior staff are all known only by their titles, (i.e. Nurse, Headmaster) or the subjects they teach i.e. the history teacher is only known as “History.” It is also revealed that they are all alumni of Tower Prep themselves and likely have abilities of their own.

Morning Glory Academy: The faculty of MGA is anchored by Miss Daramount, a member of the school’s senior staff and a teacher of several subjects. Apart from a wide array of knowledge including chemistry and physics, Miss Daramount also holds a disregard for human life that she uses to get the best from, or occasionally literally out of, her students.

Post Graduate Placement

Tower Prep: Although it is unclear where Tower Prep graduates actually graduate to, from the rigorous coursework and specialized training used to develop each student’s ability, it appears grads are taught that their talents make them special and that uniqueness gives them the right to seize power for their own sake and for those like them.

Morning Glory Academy: Though its advertising boasts that grads are likely to earn placement into top universities, it’s likely that such boasts are either false or that the experience of attending Morning Glory Academy is either universally transforming or fatal.

Conclusion: Attend Greendale Community College with the cast of Community; what Greendale lacks in prestige is made up for in survivability. Unless there's another zombie outbreak, or course.

Which school would you rather attend? Which school would you rather attend?

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