Newsarama Readers' Favorites of '10 Tourney: ARTIST Rd. 1


Last year, Ivan Reis dominated the artist category, winning your favorite artist of the year. He takes a bit of a back seat this year, not making it into the top 16, and letting some familiar names and some newcomers get into the action.

The top nominee for the second year in a row is J.H. Williams III. His art was brought to the forefront of present day comics readers through Detective Comics, and made a return (as co-writer, to boot) with Batwoman #0. Other returning nominees include Stuart Immonen, Dustin Nguyen, Francis Manapul, and Darwyn Cooke.

Our 10 contributors clearly loved their bat-comics this year, as 6 of the top 16 artists drew Batman or his cohorts in 2010.

11 newcomers, 5 veterans. Marvel, Vertigo, DC, IDW, and Image represented. Vampires, Bats, Zombies, Avengers, and good old fashioned thugs. Well, get to voting! Who were your favorite artists of 2010? No registration needed to vote, but feel free to click the comment button and tell people who your favorite was and why!

Newsarama Note: Full methodology for nomination is below the polls. Voting is open until Monday, Dec 13 at 5pm EST.

10 Newsarama contributors submitted their lists for their personal Top 20 in each of the five categories. The results were tabulated using a weighted system that awarded an escalating number points according to how high the nominee appeared on the list - 20th place was worth 1 point, 19th place 2 points ... up to 20 points for 1st place.

The final nominee lists are the top 16 nominees with the highest point totals in each category.

Each bracket is seeded according to point total, with the highest vote-getter in each bracket moving onto the next round.

There will be 4 total rounds for each category (the “Sweet 16”, "Elite 8", “Final Four” and Finals) eventually resulting in one overall “Favorite of 2010” for each group.

Who are your top artists of the year? Who are your top artists of the year?

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