Marvel Announces No Overprint for FANTASTIC FOUR #587

No Overprint for FANTASTIC FOUR #587

Fantastic Four #587, the final chapter of the currently unfolding "Three" storyline by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting, will have no overprint and not appear on newsstands, Marvel Comics announced Friday afternoon.

The publisher announced at New York Comic Con's that the issue will also be polybagged, in order to prevent customers from spoiling themselves at retail stores.

No overprint may remind some fans and retailers of the Marvel of the early 2000s, when under the direction of former president and chief operating officer Bill Jemas, the publisher had a strict, all-encompassing no overprint policy.

The intent of the policy was to encourage retailers to order books aggressively, so that readers would find ample supplies of titles in stores on the day of sale, rather than potential new readers finding no copies of books receiving media attention.

Polybagging comic books was a popular practice in the '90s — seen in DC's "Death of Superman" issue, Superman #75, and Marvel's "X-Cutioner's Song" crossover — but has been rarely utilized in recent years.

Marvel also announced that Planetary and Astonishing X-Men's John Cassaday is illustrating a variant cover of Fantastic Four #587 shipping a week after the initial release, due to the image spoiling the contents of the issue. Additionally, #587 has been dubbed the "penultimate issue" of the series, with the title presumably changing to Fantastic Three with #589.

Marvel Comics Vice

President Executive

Editor Tom Brevoort.

The end of "Three" has been billed as bringing major changes to the long-running title, with the strong implication that a founding member — either Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, the Thing or the Human Torch — would die at the end.

Marvel's full press release follows:

This January Fantastic Four #587 marks the end of the Fantastic Four and the penultimate issue of Marvel’s longest running series. Concluding the red hot “Three” storyline by superstars Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting, this issue arrives polybagged in comic shops to avoid spoiling the cataclysmic ending of the Fantastic Four. The incomparable John Cassaday provides a shocking “spoiler” variant cover to the issue which ships a week after the release of Fantastic Four #587 to further preserve the surprise events that lead to the dissolution of Marvel’s first super hero team.

In addition, Marvel has officially announced that there will be no overprint on Fantastic Four #587, in addition to the issue not appearing on newsstands.

“The surprises in this issues—and what comes next—constitute one of the biggest events in Marvel history,” said David Gabriel, SVP Sales & Circulation. “When you see the plans that Tom Brevoort, Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting come to fruition, you’ll know why we say this is the story everyone will be talking about. We urge retailers to look for a major incentive announcement in Diamond Daily and stock up not just for January, but for the coming months as the aftermath of this issue is revealed.”

This is it—the end of the Fantastic Four. But what could bring about such a stunning change to the fabric of the Marvel Universe? There’s only one answer—Fantastic Four #587.



Penciled by STEVE EPTING


RATED A…$3.99

FOC—1/3/11, On-Sale—1/26/11



Penciled by STEVE EPTING

Spoiler Variant Cover by JOHN CASSADAY

RATED A…$3.99

FOC—1/10/11, On-Sale—2/2/11

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