POLL: Which Other "BRIGHTEST DAY" Book Is Your Favorite?

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Brightest Day is covering the tales of many of the resurrected characters in the DC Universe, but it's not the only one. There are others who spread out into existing and new DC books, allowing the book to become a banner, and even more of an idea.

We asked you a few weeks ago what your favorite Brightest Day storyline was, and you answered in droves. While there were fans of each, and a lot of Deadman fans in particular, who may be considered the "main" character of the book, one victor emerged from the depths: Aquaman.

Now we want to know what other "Brightest Day" bannered book is your favorite, now that they've each had an arc or so. Maybe you like the new adventures of Barry Allen. The "resurrection" of the Birds of Prey could be your favorite. Maybe the JLI's re-formed adventures in Generation Lost tickles your fancy. Perhaps one of the Green Lantern books, or Green Arrow's new story is best. Maybe you're the dude who loves Titans. Whichever it is, we want to know. So vote in the poll (no registration required), then hop over to the comments section and let us know why each one is your favorite.

The winner, once again, will get a full recap in next week's Damn Dirty Comics. Vote away!

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Note: Some of these may no longer have the "Brightest Day" banner, but they started with them, so they count for our poll.

So which is it, and why?

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