DC Comics LEGACIES: A Field Guide #8 GREEN LANTERNS Pt. 1

DCU LEGACIES: A Field Guide #8 GL Pt. 1

Green Lantern Alan Scott and family headlined a previous edition of our “DC Legacies” series, and we promised that we’d eventually deal with other Lanterns.  However, the reality is that all Lanterns are legacy characters; each Lantern receives a ring that was previously worn by someone else in the Corps.  Separate from that, though, is the distinction that there are actually quite a few legacies within the legacy.  Today, we begin a look at some of the significant Lantern Legacies from places other than Earth. We'll get to the Earthers eventually, don't worry.

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Tomar-Re:  You may not know Tomar-Re by name, but you know him by sight.  He’s appeared in no less than five animated series, he’s in the forthcoming Green Lantern film, and he’s been rendered in action figure form in three different platforms (Justice League Unlimited, DC Direct, and DC Universe Classics).  His unique “fish-headed” appearance immediately marks him as one of the more distinct alien Lanterns (though he shouldn’t be confused with the equally fish-headed NautKeLoi, he of the blue-skin and fish-bowl helmet).  Tomar-Re, who first appeared in Green Lantern #6 in 1961, hailed from Xudar and served as the Lantern of Sector 2813, Earth’s cosmic next-door neighbor and home to the late planet Krypton.

In fact, Tomar-Re’s most famous failure may be that he was unable to save Krypton (he was temporarily blinded by a solar flare when moving to save the planet).  Tomar-Re remained a visible member of the Corps through many battles.  In the original Tales of the Green Lantern Corps mini-series in 1981, Tomar-Re fought alongside the Corps against the combined forces of Krona and Nekron.  (In fact, look at the cover to issue #1; he’s right next to Hal).


Unfortunately, Tomar-Re can be counted among the many heroes who died during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.  He had cleverly planned in the event of his death; his ring went to Tomar-Re’s chosen successor, alternate Earth GL John Stewart, who had at the time been filling in full-time for Hal Jordan.  (Hal had been on a walkabout.  Long story.).  When Tomar-Re’s ring went to Stewart, Hal’s ring left Stewart and returned to Hal.  This kicked his rump back into action (you’ll note that Hal basically missed the Crisis).

Tomar-Re’s eventual Xudarian successor would be Tomar-Tu.  Part of the Xudarian assemblage on the Mosaic world, Tomar-Tu proved himself a hero time and time again, helping the GLs defeat the “Mad Guardian” and generally proving indispensable to the Corps.  Tomar-Tu and Kreon of Tebis both got invitations to join the Corps after a battle with Star Sapphire.  Trained by Kilowog to be the GL of Sector 2813, Tomar-Tu participated in a number of conflicts, including the battles with “eclipsed” heroes (Eclipso: The Darkness Within).

Tomar-Tu became part of the group known as the “Lost Lanterns” during the events of “Emerald Twilight”.  When Hal Jordan went renegade after the destruction of Coast City, Tomar-Tu, along with Kreon, Boodikka, Laira, Jack T. Chance, Ke’Haan, Honnu, and Graf Toren, tried to prevent him from reaching Oa.  Jordan defeated those Lanterns and took their rings, leaving them in space for certain death.

However, it turned out that the group of GLs had survived in captivity of the Manhunters.  Tomar-Tu was rightly pissed, and in fact wanted to kill Jordan upon his initial return.  After the other “Lost Lanterns” were rescued, they rejoined the Corps.  Unfortunately, Kreon died fighting the Manhunters,  Jack T. Chance was killed by Parallax and Ke’Haan fell to the Anti-Monitor during the Sinestro Corps War.  When Laira went to inform Ke’Haan’s family, she found them dead at the hands of Sinestro Corps member Amon Sur.  Laira killed Sur outright, and had to face trial.  Tomar-Tu was one of the Lanterns forced to testify against her.  Laira is subsequently freed when she is recruited as a Red Lantern.  When she is killed on Ysmault by Sinestro, the remaining “Lost Lanterns” go to get her body.  As “Blackest Night” begins, Laira rises as a Black Lantern, and seriously injures Tomar-Tu.

On the downside of legacy, a Xudarian, Romat-Ru, also serves in the Sinestro Corps.


Notable Insect Lanterns:  The GLC has a distinguished history of insect or insectoid Lanterns.  However, most of them meet bitter ends.

Xax I: The first Xax appeared originally in Green Lantern #9.  Xax basically looked like a grasshopper, and often showed up with the rest of the Corps, such as he did on the cover from Green Lantern #127 (1980); that’s him above Katma Tui.  Xax was one of many Lanterns that died during Crisis on Infinite Earths, killed in battle on the moon of Qward.

Xax II:  We don’t know much about him, other than space-faring villain Lady Styx had him killed and wears him as an earring.  Yes, that’s fairly original.

Bzzd: Known as “the wasp Lantern”, Bzzd first appeared in Green Lantern Corps #12 (Vol. 2) in 2007.  He was the partner of Mogo in Sector 2226.  Something of a fan favorite upon his initial appearances, Bzzd died fighting Mongul II.  Bzzd came back as a Black Lantern, but was seemingly destroyed by Guy Gardner.

Larvox: We guess that Larvox belongs here, because, well, “larvae”.  Larvox possesses no gender and hails from a world where all things exist as part of one whole.  The mute GL, who also logged time as a Darkstar, first appeared in GL #9 in 1961.  Larvox has shown up in multiple animated series and will appear in the GL film.

Kendotha Kr’nek: It’s a bad day for a bug when she’s assigned to Sector 38.  That’s Apokolips.  Darkseid’s minions crucified the GL as a warning; Kr’nek is seen rising as a Black Lantern in “Blackest Night”.  Kr’nek’s story is related in Green Lantern 80-page Giant #3 from 2000.

Skr’kl: Okay, we draw the line at this guy.  He looked like an ant, he appeared once (Green Lantern Quarterly #2 in 1992), and was eaten by a giant yellow spider.

Next time! Ch’p and B’dg! Robot Lanterns!  And more!

Who is your favorite of these Green Lanterns?

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