Exclusive BOOM! Studios February 2011 Solicitations

BOOM! Studios February 2011 Solicits

Start off your holidays with a look into the future! We have some of BOOM!'s most anticipated titles for February 2011 here, with the exclusive debut of the covers. Stay tuned for the rest of their solicitations soon.



Author: Michael Alan Nelson

Artist: Ale Aragon

Cover Artist: Sean Phillips

Some call her hero. Some call her villain. She knows herself only as a survivor. But now Selena has come face to face with someone who blames her for the destruction of the Manchester Mansion. Someone consumed with fury. And what he has in store for Selena is worse than anything The Infected could ever do to her. If you loved the 28 DAYS LATER movies, this is the comic book you have to be reading!




Author: Mark Waid

Artist: Horacio Domingues

Cover Artists: A: Christian Nauck, B: Garry Brown

With one of society's most notorious enemies closing in on Max Damage's unlikely team of super-powered allies and the world distrustful of the reformed supervillain's claims of virtue, can Max remain INCORRUPTIBLE? Or will he turn on those he's sworn to protect? The smash IRREDEEMABLE/INCORRUPTIBLE crossover event you've been waiting for continues with this issue of Mark Waid's hit series!




Author: Paul Cornell

Artist: Javier Pina

Cover Artists: A: Trevor Hairsine, B: Kalman Andrasofszky,

NEW ARC! GREAT START FOR NEW READERS! Stan Lee, Paul Cornell, and Javier Pina continue their celebrated run on the year’s most exciting new superhero series. In the aftermath of last issue’s epic battle, Soldier Zero finds himself hated by the public, and Stewart finds himself more confused than ever— while a new threat emerges! A perfect jumping on point for new readers as Stan Lee drives SOLDIER ZERO full speed ahead.




Author: Ian Brill

Artist: James Silvani

Cover Artists: A: James Silvani B: Sabrina Alberghetti

Brand New Arc! Great for new readers! As the “Crisis on Infinite Darkwings” subsides, the way is made for...what else? A brand new crisis! Something mysterious has emerged in the ranks of the formerly-most-fiendish secret organization on the planet — F.O.W.L. Inside F.O.W.L.’s remnants lurks a plot so insidious that Darkwing Duck has been enlisted to neutralize the nefarious notion by one of their own — Steelbeak! Don't miss the first part of… “F.O.W.L. Disposition!”




Author: Ian Brill

Artist: Leonel Castellani

Cover Artists: A: Leonel Castellani, B: James Silvani

It’s the return of your favorite furry flatfoots in an all-new original ongoing series! Trouble for the Rescue Rangers changes from big to absolutely huge when the team travels to the Arctic to saddle a sleuth of crazed polar bears. But the fur really flies when Chip confronts Monterey Jack, and the very leadership of the Rescue Rangers is on the line! Join Darkwing Duck writer Ian Brill and Marvel Superhero Squad artist Leonel Castellani for part 3 of “Worldwide Rescue,” brought to you by BOOM! Studios and the Disney Afternoon Revolution!

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