Exclusive Marvel Cover Reveal: MARVEL ZOMBIES SUPREME Suydam


Marvel let slip last month word that the Marvel Zombies series would continue in March 2011 with the first appearance of a new set of characters: the Squadron Supreme.

They sent over this exclusive first look at the variant cover by zombie master Arthur Suydam, showing an undead (but still patriotic) Hyperion. Check out the solicitation text and the cover!

Marvel Zombies Supreme #1

Writer: Frank Marraffino

Penciler: Fernando Blanco

Inker: Jason Paz

Colorist: Chris Chuckry

Letterer: Dave Sharpe

Cover artist: Michael Komarck, Arthur Suydam

Responding to a mysterious emergency call, Jill Harper and her super-crisis special-ops unit descend deep into the bowels of a top secret underground research facility. They discover that the demented experiments of an unhinged geneticist have placed them at ground zero of a brand new virulent zombie strain – one that has infected powerful superheroes. The Squadron Supreme, once heroic defenders of justice and utopian ideals, have been reduced to corpulent cannibalistic murderers with a voracious appetite for human flesh. Harper and her team fight against overwhelming odds to stop this ravenous zombie menace where it began – before it spreads out to devour the earth.

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