POLL: One Arc In, Which AVENGERS Book is Best?

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FOUR ongoing Avengers books? That was the response a lot of people had to the relaunch of Marvel's top franchise seven months ago. Then they made all four into solid sellers, with three of them in the top ten in October. So now we ask, one story arc into each of them, which of the Aveners titles is your favorite?

Is it the mix of new kids and old veterans in Avengers Academy?

Is it the street-level and mystical adventures of New Avengers?

Maybe the high-powered "big-three" of the Avengers is your favorite?

Or do you like the slightly more covert style of the Secret Avengers?

Vote in our poll below, no registration necessary, and if you want to get into it with the other fans, pop over to the forums and let us know why your favorite is the best so far.

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So, which is it and why?

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