Clone Wars - Heroes on Both Sides

War costs money.  Companies and people profit from war and therefore have a lot to lose if the war comes to an end.  For some, greed outweighs the concern for peace.  "Heroes on Both Sides," episode 10 of season 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, shows us just how true this can be.

The clones are falling at alarming rate.  The Senate needs funds to create additional troopers.  However, the war is slowly bankrupting the Republic.  When Senator Organa points this out, Senator Dodd is quick to say that there is another way.  Senator Saam proposed a bill to open new lines of credit after all.  The problem is that bill would essentially deregulate the banks.  Senator Amidala strongly opposes the bill and suggests negotiation with the Separatists.  Another senator cries out, “You can't negotiate with those animals.”  It's plain that extreme measures are needed to convince the Senate to even think about working towards peace.

The Senate puts off the debate until everyone has cooled down. Senators Dodd and Saam discuss the worth of the legislation with Banking Clan representative Nix Card.  He is frustrated by Padmé's idealism.  Though Card admits he would like to have her out of the way, he doesn't think assassination is the way.  Besides, he thinks the Senate is unlikely to pass deregulation even without Padmé to push them towards peace.  He suggests bringing the war to Coruscant's doorstep as a reminder of what the Separatists can do.  Dodd points out that Coruscant hasn't been attacked in 1,000 years.  Card sees this as a perfect opportunity since the planet has a false sense of security.

Meanwhile, Anakin and Ahsoka discuss the bill with Padmé.  They watched the heated discussion that took place on the Senate floor.  Padmé implores Anakin to talk to the Jedi Council, but he insists that it is not his place.  Ahsoka thinks that it is, but she admits to being confused about the finer points of the politics of war.   Padmé offers to teach her.  While pacing in her office, she mentions that she wishes she could talk to Senator Bonteri with the Confederacy of Independent Systems.  Ahsoka is shocked that Padmé could be friends with a Separatist.  She sees the war as very black and white, and it doesn't occur to her that any Separatist could be anything but evil.  For the sake of starting negotiations though, Ahsoka agrees to use her Jedi status to sneak  Padmé to Raxus, the Separatist capital, to see her friend.  It is illegal for Padmé to do so openly.

While they are in route to Raxus, Count Dooku finalizes the details of a nefarious plot with Card and General Grievous.  Grievous has programmed infiltrator droids to send to Coruscant.  They seem to be nothing but cleaning sweeper droids.  We get a hint about their purpose when Grievous tells them that none will return from their mission.  They arrive to Coruscant and are let off the transport ship with no difficulties.

Padmé and Ahsoka arrive to the sparkling Raxus.  It looks just as prosperous as Coruscant.  Upon meeting Padmé's former mentor, Mina Bonteri, Ahsoka is surprised at her appearance.  The only Separatists she has met before this point have been in battle.  It's really just been military officers.  Bonteri is a normal looking woman.  Ahsoka is still quick to judge and cast blame for the war at the Separatists.  Then she talks to Bonteri's son, Lux.  He seems to be approximately her age, and he doesn't come across as evil.  Suddenly, the war becomes less black and white for her.  While they are presumably discussing the war, Padmé talks to Mina about the need for the Separatists to offer an olive branch to the Republic.  She asks Mina to bring up the possibility of negotiation to the Separatist Senate.  She agrees to do so, and they toast to peace.

Mina's motion to start peace negotiations is passed with surprising support.  Many of the Separatists seem tired of the war.  Count Dooku plays along.  He knows that an attack is in works to deter the Republic Senate from accepting the negotiation offer.  Padmé and Ahsoka return to Coruscant, and Padmé rushes to tell Chancellor Palpatine the good news about the Separatist proposal for peace.  As the Senate discusses the new development, Grievous activates the infiltrator droids.  They have made their way to Coruscant's power generator controls.  The bill to deregulate the banks is sure to be voted down, but the droids blow the generator while the Senators are entering their votes.  Power is lost all over the city and so are lives.  In light of the change, Palpatine passes the bill.  If anything, the hate for the Separatists has been fueled.

Trivia & Notes

Ahsoka and Anakin have new looks in this episode.  Ahsoka is considerably more grown up, and Anakin's look is closer to his appearance in Revenge of the Sith.  The amount of time that has passed since we last saw Ahsoka is not specified.

The title of the episode refers to a line from Revenge of the Sith’s opening crawl: “War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku. There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere.”

What do you think of their new looks? Of the episode?

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