POLLS: What's Most Exciting in FEB 2011 Solicits?

Every month, we post the solicitations for the major (and some of the smaller) comic book publishers, giving you a glimpse at what will be in stores (and in your hands) three months in the future.

Buried inside these are usually some announcements of new series, new big storylines, or launches of books you've known about for months that are finally coming to you. In an effort to cut through the noise, we'll be taking a look through Marvel Comics and DC Comics solicitations each month and offering up major #1s and new storylines for you. To make it fun, we thought we'd toss up polls for each company, so you can sound off on what's got you most excited each month.

Over at Marvel, the Infinity Gauntlet, one of the most powerful weapons in any universe, is back, and in the hands of The Hood in the pages of Avengers! Marvel's ".1" initiative to try to pull in new readers of long-standing books has a few extra issues thrown into ongoing series, like Invincible Iron Man, Wolverine, and Amazing Spider-Man in February. Ed McGuinness stops by his old smashing grounds for a special issue of Hulk. Onslaught, a true creature of the 90s, makes a return in a mini-series. Silver Surfer gets his own spotlight for the first time in a few years, this time at the hands of Greg Pak. Takio, a new series of graphic novels from Bendis and Oeming launches its first all-ages volume. Keeping it on Bendis, he and Mark Millar also launch the "Death of Spider-Man" storyline in the Ultimate books in February.

Over at DC, DC Universe Online Legends launches to coincide with the release of their new MMORPG by a similar title. Brightest Day heats up its most popular storyline with Aquawar, an all-out battle involving the expanding Aquaman family. He's not the only one involved in a war, though, as War of the Green Lanterns gets prelude issues in a couple GL books. Doomsday's Reign spins out of the January Steel one-shot into some other Superman titles. Batwoman #1 launches...FINALLY. Red Robin and Teen Titans reunite in a cross-over. There are more young heroes going for broke with the animated-series-series Young Justice #1.

So... which of these new stories from February are you most excited about?

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So what's most exciting? One of these? Something else?

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