Dale Eaglesham Joins INCREDIBLE HULK in February

Dale Eaglesham Joins INCREDIBLE HULK

After a recent stint on Fantastic Four, artist Dale Eaglesham is moving on to another high-profile, long-running Marvel Comics series: Incredible Hulk.

Eaglesham starts up with February's Incredible Hulk #623, the beginning of a three-part storyline taking the Hulk (along with Skaar, the Red She-Hulk and Korg) to the Savage Land, encountering that venue's most famous resident, Ka-Zar, along the way. Greg Pak remains as writer.

Eaglesham, a comics illustration veteran, distinguished himself with lengthy runs on Green Lantern and Justice Society of America at DC Comics before his recent work at Marvel.

Incredible Hulk #623 issue also marks the book's previously announced price drop of from $3.99 to $2.99. More details on Marvel's February titles should come next week with the publisher's latest crop of monthly solicitations.

Marvel's full release follows:

"Marvel is pleased to announce that superstar artist Dale Eaglesham (Fantastic Four) joins New York Times bestselling author Greg Pak on Incredible Hulk this February! The new team launches headfirst into “Planet Savage” – a new three-part story arc starting with Incredible Hulk #623. Witness the Green Goliath cut a swath of destruction through the Savage Land with guest-stars Ka-Zar, Red She-Hulk, Skaar and Korg in tow. But is the world’s wildest terrain the perfect place for a newly remerged enemy to snuff out the Hulk clan for good?

Prepare for more gamma-infused mayhem than ever before!

“I’m having the most fun I’ve had in years right now. I feel like a kid in a candy store – Hulk, KaZar, the Savage Land? It doesn’t get any better than that for me,” says Eaglesham. “A Hulk book means that I get to unabashedly draw musculature, which everyone knows I love. And I get to work with Greg, who is such a good guy, a real team player, and seems as excited about this as I am. These are fun times!”

Mark Paniccia, Marvel Senior Editor, added “I’m really psyched the timing worked out so Dale could draw this Savage Land arc. His stuff has a cool blend of elegance and Kirby-style kinetics. And the detail is absolutely stunning!”

Greg Pak and Dale Eaglesham’s mean, green “Planet Savage” starts in February. Don’t miss it!


Written by GREG PAK

Pencils and Cover by DALE EAGLESHAM

Rated A…$2.99


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