UPDATED: DC Comics Says 'Doomsday Will Reign!'

DOOMSDAY Return Kicks Off in STEEL #1

Nov. 15 Update: Now we know that this teasers means exactly what you'd think it might mean — Doomsday is coming back.

DC Comics announced on The Source Monday afternoon that the villain will be back in a story starting with January's previously annonuced Steel #1. Steel was first introduced in Reign of the Supermen, as one of four potential replacements for Superman following his 1992 "death" at the hands of Doomsday.

The story continues in Outsiders #37 (a comic that stars the Eradicator, also used in Reign of the Supermen), followed by Justice League of America #55. The fourth part comes in Superboy #6 — yet another Reign of the Supermen-originated character — with the fifth part yet to be revealed.

In a well-timed move, The Death and Return of Superman story is available through the publisher's recently launched DC Digital Store.

Original Story: Is being an iconic superhero hazardous to your health? Following the Wednesday reveal of a "Death of Spider-Man" teaser on the cover of the next issue of Marvel Previews, DC Comics has posted the familiar bloody "Death of Superman" logo on their official blog The Source, along with the words "Doomsday Will Reign!"

No other details were provided. Doomsday was the antagonist of the popular "The Death of Superman" storyline from 1992, with their battle temporarily putting Superman in a death-like state. Superman #75, the issue depicting the hero's actual "death," sold millions of copies over multiple printings.

Though Doomsday died in that issue as well, he's since returned in a number of comics, as recently as the 2008-2009 Superman: New Krypton story.

On Wednesday afternoon, DC Comics announced that Chris Roberson was taking over the writing reins of the monthly Superman title from J. Michael Straczynski. We'll give you more details on what this teaser might mean when we have them.

Is DOOMSDAY in our future?

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