POLL: BRIGHTEST DAY Halfway Point - What's the Best Story?


Brightest Day is halfway over. The 26 issue series has reached its midpoint with last week's thirteenth issue, and there've been some big developments.

We'll have a more detailed recap of the first half of both Brightest Day and its sister series Justice League: Generation Lost later this week, but first we want to know which story from this year long comic is your favorite.

Are you a consumate Aquaman fan, enjoying the tale of Aquaman, Mera, Black Manta and the ever-expanding family of characters?

Maybe Hawkman and Hawkgirl (woman)'s undying love is more your speed, and anthropomorphic animals are more your thing.

Firestorm and his/their crisis of personality is deeply personal and uniquely superheroic, and may be the key to it all; is that your favorite?

Martian Manhunter once thought he was the only surviving member of his race, but now he's not so sure. He has always at once sought solitude and companionship, but can he ever truly find either?

Boston Brand was once Deadman, the posessing acrobatic superhero. Now he still holds the white ring, but he knows as little or less about the white light as anyone. Is his search for answers the best story of the bunch?

Vote below. The one you choose will get the most in-depth recap in our all-new all-different ongoing Damn Dirty Comics column, while the losers will get a mere mention. This is your turn to play editor of Newsarama by casting your vote. No registration necessary to join in the fun, but you can also sound off in the comment forum and tell everyone why your favorite is the best.

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So which is it?

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