ALL 5 TOP COW PILOT SEASON 2010 Issues FREE! Read and Vote!

TOP COW PILOT SEASON 2010: Read & Vote!

UPDATE Nov 15, 2010: Pilot Season 2010 gave you 5 single issue comic books, and now wants you to vote on your favorite, to decide which will get a full mini-series. Maybe you missed an issue, or didn't have the budget during one of those weeks. Well you're in luck, because we now have all five books for you, for FREE!

Click the titles below to jump directly to each of those five books, then click the big voting banner and choose which book should get a mini-series!

7 Days From Hell

39 Minutes




But do it quickly. The free issues, and the voting, will only be available until November 30, 2010!

Original Story: Pilot Season 2010 is over. Well, almost. The books have all come out, and while they are all probably someone's favorite, only one of them gets to continue.

You've read these Top Cow releases. You've seen our reviews and discussed them amongst yourselves. Now it's time to make your voice heard. Which Pilot Season 2010 issue deserves a mini-series? Click the banner below (or right here) to jump to the polling booth and cast your vote. Voting is open until the end of November, so if you missed an issue, you can still get to your local comic shop and take a look before turning in your ballot.


Below is an impassioned plea from the creators of each book, telling you exactly why you should vote for them, as provided by Top Cow Productions. Check it out, cast your vote, and get excited for more great new comics next year.

39 MINUTES by William Harms

“By voting for 39 MINUTES, you’ll give a voice to all of the poor downtrodden bank robbers of the world.  If you don’t speak for them, who will?”

ASSET by Filip Sablik

“ASSET is about the dangerous side of love in the digital age.  You meet that perfect person online thanks to next generation personality profiling and everything is hearts and flowers.  Only they aren’t your perfect match, they’re an enemy spy and they’re going to get you killed.  Vote for me, David Marquez and Bill Farmer if you’ve ever been punched in the jeans by love.”

FOREVER by Brad Ingelsby

“I think we’ve created a world and a central mystery that people will want to return to. The history of Longevity and its miracle drug Forever is inextricably linked to Ryan’s personal history which should make for a thrilling journey, full of surprises.”

CROSSHAIR by Jeff Katz

“CROSSHAIR should win because it's classic action hero style wish fulfillment with a paranoid psychological thriller twist. Justin Weller is a true man of action who protects his family and his honor at all costs and is the type of hero our ever more dangerous world needs right now.”

7 DAYS FROM HELL by Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin

“Phil Noto. ‘Nuff said.”

Which book did you vote for and why? Sound off!

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