BRUCE WAYNE Confesses to Buying BATMAN's Wonderful Toys

BRUCE WAYNE Confesses to Funding BATMAN

Bruce Wayne has gone public about his role as Batman, but in a devious way that's just short of unmasking.

As the Associated Press announced Wednesday, Bruce Wayne holds a press conference in the final pages of Batman & Robin #16 (on sale today) admitting publicly that he funds Batman, but stops short of saying he is Batman.

"Some of you may have wondered," Wayne says in the comic, "how does a man like Batman afford to constantly update his crime-fighting technology?

"Well, the answer is me."

According to writer Grant Morrison, the public admission is an attempt by Wayne to sidetrack the media so they won't suspect he's Batman. "He is the man behind the Batman, but he is not Batman," Morrison told the AP.


The issue's revelation sets up the next phase of Bruce Wayne's journey as Batman, as there are now, essentially, two Batmen in the DC Universe. After being lost in time and presumed dead for the last couple years, Bruce Wayne just returned to a Gotham City where his former sidekick Dick Grayson is wearing the Batman cowl, changing his role in the Batman Universe.

"[Bruce Wayne has] realized that he is kind of a living symbol," Morrison told Newsarama. "And then he's come back and seen that Dick and Damian have managed to keep Gotham intact while he's been gone. And suddenly it's the idea of this symbol. That's what drives him toward Batman Inc."

In Batman Inc., the new series Morrison will begin November 17th with artist Yanick Paquette, Bruce Wayne will travel the world to recruit other heroes to represent the Batman symbol under the guidance of Batman.

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