Image Shares Details on Casey & Huddleston's BUTCHER BAKER


Updated Wednesday, 12/1/2010: Image Comics explains things further with a press release containing quotes from series writer Joe Casey and Image publisher Eric Stephenson. Here it is:


Image Comics explains enigmatic teaser campaign

Berkeley, CA - 1 December 2010 - It's been hard to miss the teaser campaign that Image Comics has been running throughout the month of November. Were the images from one book? Several new series? At long last, Image is coming clean about those dirty little teasers...

In March 2011, Image is unleashing an all-new series written by showman Joe Casey (OFFICER DOWNE, GØDLAND) and drawn with dynamic intensity by Mike Huddleston (The Coffin). The name of this surreal homage to uber violence? BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER.

"This one ain't for the faint of heart," declares Casey. "BUTCHER BAKER is a sleazy, mature readers superhero book about a semi-retired 'patriotic' superhero who gets the call for one last adventure. It's everything you want a superhero comicbook to be. It's simultaneously iconic and subversive and a whole lot of fun."

"I don't think I've ever had this much fun working on a book before," says Huddleston. "Joe has created a ridiculously ultra-violent and over-sexed world unlike anything anyone has read before. It's intense!"

Casey adds, "I feel like this series is a creative pinnacle for both of us. I know I'm pushing the envelope in unusual ways with this one, and Huddleston's art is as good as it gets."

"Joe's at his best when he's pushing against the walls of convention," offers Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. "If you've read his work on Automatic Kafka, Wildcats 3.0 and GØDLAND, you're well aware of just how adept he is at stretching standard superhero tropes into something else, so believe me when I tell you the best is yet to come. All those teasers? Mere slivers of the gem Joe and Mike have been crafting these past few months. If this book doesn't rock your socks off, then you're dead inside."

BUTCHER BAKER was the preeminent All-American superhero. A long time ago. Now, he's getting laid... a lot. One last mission could return him to glory... IF he doesn't screw it up.

BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER #1, a 32-page full-color comic book for $2.99, is available for order in the January issue of Diamond's Previews and hits stores in all its epically violent glory on March 30, 2011.

Update Tuesday 11/30/2010: And another cover...


Update Monday 11/29/2010: So we finally got a title and creative team...

As we guessed correctly a few days back from that belt buckle clue, the series's title has a "bb" in it - Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker, by the creative team of writer Joe Casey and artist Mike Huddleston.

The belt buckle is back, and this new cover image is a bit 'extreme' (and we'll be asking Casey about it soon) so proceed some caution of you're bothered by that sort of thing.

Look for some more information later this week.


Update Friday, 11/26/2010: Is this the star-spangled trucker from Tuesday?

"Nobody makes an ass outta Arnie B. Willard an' gets away with it!" reads the copy.

Only two more weekdays left in the month. Anwers comings Monday and/or Tuesday?


Update Thursday, 11/25/2010: Well, we're starting to get a sense of where this upcoming Image property is going. And sorry folks, you're gonna have to use your imagination on this one, or Googlesearch for the uncut image.

"I am the American Dream" reads the copy, the part of the image that isn't Cinemax-After-Dark ready. Oh, along with the somewhat ironic Holiday greeting "Happy Thanksgiving from the Righteous Maker".

Would at least partly an adult-oriented look at a superhero taking full advantage of his celebrity status be a bad guess at this point?


Update Wednesday, 11/24/2010: "I would say 'great minds think alike'... But I can tell by your faces that none of you had this in mind."

Any of you have anything in mind?


Update Tuesday, 11/23/2010: Ummm, Evel Knievel meets Smokey and the Bandit? (Did I just age myself there?)

Today's Image teaser features star-spangled 18-wheeler with the copy, "I'm back on the blacktop! Making the trip once again! Broadcasting on encrypted Channel Zero!"

The guys translating the Dead Sea Scrolls might be having more luck decoding them than we're having here...


Update Monday, 11/22/2010: Yup, looks like there is (at least) a fourth week of Image teasers. This one reads simply, "What's that smell?"

Yeah, I don't know either...


Update Friday, 11/19/2010: Aaaannddd we're officially back to not having a clue...

"Looks like this bullbog's got an itch of his own..." reads today's teaser copy, with what looks like a guy in a trenchcoat walking into a bar.

Though I suppose it could be the same character with the belt buckle from yestersay (see the image right below).

Does Image finish out the month next week with more teasers? We'll find out noon on Monday.


Update Thursday, 11/18/2010: Okay, so I think we finally got a clue...

It's not in today's more enigmatic-than-usual copy, which reads, "So who else made it out the crazy keep alive? Who else is gunning for me?"

No, the clue is in the image, which seemingly features the belt buckle of a superhero or villain, with what looks to be the letters "BB".

Why does that matter? Each of the now 14 (and counting) teaser images has a "bb" in the filename, such as today's "18nov_bb_ad.jpg"

Time will tell...


Update Wednesday, 11/17/2010: If last week had a political theme, this week's Image teasers are decidedly in the superhero realm, with today's entry reading, "I'm a superhero. We see the bigger picture."

Bigger picture, indeed... Do you see it yet?


Update Tuesday, 11/16/2010: "What're you talking about. We're the terrorists..."

Anyone figure this out yet..?


Update Monday, 11/15/2010: Looks like we're starting a third week of Image teasers, and sex has made the scene. "I've never made any secret of my taste for the finer things", reads today's copy, along with an image that's we'll call Mature Readers and questionably "SFW" for those in more conservative workplaces. Proceed having been notified.


Update Friday, 11/12/2010: On the seemingly completion of its second week (is there more?), Image's new series of daily teasers has firmly entered the superhero realm, with an image accompanied by the copy, "Yeah, for a superhero, he was a sadistic son of a bitch." 

Adjectives beginning to come to mind? "Sprawling"? "Ambitious"?

Of course, that can always goes either way...


Update Thursday, 11/11/2010: More political intrigue from Image Comics' now 9-part series of daily teaser images. This time Joseph Stalin makes the scene, along with the copy, "Here's to the good ol' days."


Update Wednesday, 11/10/2010: For the second day in a row, Image Comics new series of enigmatic teasers images has taken something of a political tone, with today's new edition featuring a seeming 'Ronald Reagan meets Elvis' character, along with the copy, "...Oh, you didn't know there was a President of Reality?"

Update Tuesday, 11/9/2010: So apparently Dick Cheney and Jay Leno have made the scene in Image's now 8-day series of teaser images from some unnamed new series.


"You know me, Dick... I convinced an entire nation that I'm not the douchebag they think I am," reads this teaser's copy.

Any new theories?


Update Monday, 11/8/2010: New week, more mysterious Image teasers, apparently. Today's installment - "An' I keep fantasizin' about killin' Butcher. Gets me all hard."



Update Friday, 11/5/2010: The end of the business week doesn't seem to be providing any definitive answers in regards to Image's now week-long teaser campaign.

Today's installment (is there more?): "I need to touch you -- with my electric Dim Mak!", along with an image we'll let you all dissect on your own...


Update Thursday, 11/4/2010: Here is Image's fourth teaser this week. This one reads, "Imagine living in his world full-time. Morality and taste in their most malleable forms..." 

We're still stumped. You?


Update Wednesday, 11/3/2010: Okay, we admit it - we haven't got a clue. Image Comics' new enigmatic teaser campaign continued Wednesday with an image reminiscent of the famous Captain America Comics no. 1 cover, this time with the copy, "We shall call you The Righteous Maker, son! Because, like you -- America shall gain the strength and the will to safeguard our shores.

If you can figure how these tie together yet, you're smarter than we are...


Update Tuesday, 11/2/2010: Image Comics sent out a new teaser image today, and it might take a while to figure out where this one is going because a common thread with Monday's teaser (below) is a little hard to identify at the moment.

Today's teaser has an old newspaper comic strip quality to the image, and is accompanied by the hard-boiled copy, "I'm going to bury myself in yer colon like cancer."

It appears yesterday and today's teasers are related in some way, as they share a common filename, with yesterday's image being #"1" and today's #"2".

Your guess is as good as ours as this point...


Original Story (Mon. 11/1/2010): ... and apparently the Universe has the shape of a full-figured woman.


Hold that thought...


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