Update: The Winner Is... Most Kick-Ass: BABS or DIANA?

Who is the Most "Kick-Ass" DC Woman?

Update 9pm: Text via DC Women Kicking Ass: The voting to decide who is more kick ass - Oracle or Wonder Woman - was very busy with more than 3000 votes cast throughout the day. Oracle took a comfortable lead early on but Wonder Woman caught up mid-day and closed the gap to a few percentage points and finally moving the competition into a dead heat for the last few hours with as few as 6 votes separating her from Oracle at one point. But at 7PM the poll was closed and the numbers were tallied. And the results showed that Oracle had kept her lead with 1525 votes to Wonder Woman 1518, a win of just 7 votes. A very surprising ending as the expectation had been that Wonder Woman would win in the final and win by a comfortable margin.

Original Story: The popular Tumblr blog "DC Women Kicking Ass" has been hosting a massive poll-based tournament for the last month. The blog's proprietor, who focuses on showing fans just how cool the women of the DCU really are, wanted to figure out who the world thinks of as the ultimate DC Woman - the most kick-ass of the bunch.

The tournament started with 32 selections, as built by a group each submitting five choices. From here, the bracket (click the image on the right for the full large image) was laid out, with #1 seeds going to Wonder Woman, Oracle, Lois Lane, and Black Canary. All four #1 seeds would prove to be as popular with the general public as with the sample group, as all four wound up making it to the semi-finals.

The tournament's rules were simple. Cast one vote for your pick of most kick-ass DC woman in each round. For the "Elite 8" round, the trend was bucked, with a re-seeding of the characters. This was done to try to stem the lopsided votes some of them were winning by and make things a more fair fight. Unfortunately for the other late-rounders, that didn't really work out.

The interesting and most hard-fought round of the tournament went to the semi-final between Lois Lane and Oracle. The round was decided by just 30 votes, and had the most votes of any round. The winner, Oracle, won more votes than her competitor in the finals, Wonder Woman, who similarly beat Black Canary by just a comparative handful of votes.

While creators like Greg Rucka, Bryan Q. Miller, Lee Garbett, Jamal Igle, Sterling Gates, Gail Simone and Brad Meltzer got in on the act, championing their favorites on twitter and their own blogs, Paul Dini notably abstained from what turned out to be the biggest upset of the tournament. When Mia "Speedy" Dearden defeated Zatanna in the opening round, Dini decided not to vote. The actress who played Speedy on Smallville is now on his series Tower Prep, and he is the current writer (and self-proclaimed world's biggest fan) of Zatanna.

And so it comes down to this. Thanks to DC Women Kicking Ass (click the link to follow on Tumblr), we've been offered to co-host this final poll and see who is the most kick-ass DC Woman of all. Is it Oracle, who started as a sidekick to the World's Greatest Detective, and used her cunning and resilience to carry on after a crippling wound at the hands of his greatest enemy? Or is it Wonder Woman, the symbol of the superheroine known worldwide, whose costume change alone can cause a national media event? Vote below and sound off in the comments as to who your choice was. Voting is open now and until 7pm EDT, when a victor shall be crowned.

So, who IS the most kick-ass DC Woman?

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