WRITE OR WRONG Goes LIVE! in Detroit This Weekend

Write or Wrong: Define Yourself

Hello everyone!

As most of you know, NIGHTMARE WORLD Volume Two: “Leave the Light On” from Image Comics/Shadowline was just released nationwide and is now available at comic shops and bookstores everywhere (as well as Amazon.com), so that’s been taking me away from “Write or Wrong” for the last month or so.

While I’m excited to announce that I’ll be returning with a new installment of the column before Thanksgiving, I’m equally excited to announce that I’ll be doing a line “Write or Wrong” panel/Q & A session at Detroit Fanfare this Saturday @ 3:00 PM.

(Additionally, it looks like I’ll also be part of the “From Web to Print” panel directly following it at 4:00 PM with Cliff Van Meter and others as well as a panel on “How to Promote Your Comics” on Sunday at 2:00 PM… just for the record.)

So, if you’re attending Detroit Fanfare this weekend and want to talk about creating comics, you can now not only swing by my table, but also swing by the panels mentioned above too!

There you have it, folks! If I don’t see you at Detroit Fanfare this weekend (or Mid-Ohio Con the weekend after that) just keep an eye out here at the ’RAMA for my next “Write or Wrong” column sometime before Thanksgiving.

Thanks again! One way or another… I’ll see you soon!

Yours in creating comics,

Dirk Manning

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