CHAOS WAR: From The Field W/PAK & FVL: A Call for Questions

CHAOS WAR: From The Field W/PAK & FVL

With two issues out and #3 out next week, Marvel's Chaos War is most definitely in full swing, as the all-new, all-different God Squad has assembled to take on the Chaos King's seemingly un-take-on-able threat.

It's time for another installment of our Chaos War: From the Field column — last week we talked to Chaos War artist Khoi Pham, and this time, we're reuniting with the irascible co-writers of Chaos War, Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente. Have questions for them about Chaos War #2, what might be happening in the future of the miniseries, or possibly Van Lente's comments on Twitter Wednesday morning that Chaos War is the "final" volume of their Incredible Hercules run? Well, we can ask those questions for you, and here's how: 

Method 1: Click here (or the button below) to jump to our forums. Post your question there. Nice and simple!

Method 2: Click here to jump to our Twitter. @ reply Newsarama, & tag your question with #RamaChaos. That'll only work if you have a shorter question, becase, y'know, 140 characters and all that. Those will show up in the box below, so you can see if your question has already been asked.

We'll be compulsively checking both venues before our talk with the co-writers, so get thee to Twitter or our forum and start asking some questions. Then check back soon for the third installment of Chaos War: From the Field.

What would you like to ask Pak and Van Lente about CHAOS WAR?

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