Paul Cornell Steps In to Write BATMAN AND ROBIN #17-19

Cornell Writes BATMAN AND ROBIN #17-19

Writer Paul Cornell and artist Scott McDaniel are stepping in for Batman and Robin #17-19, as announced Tuesday by DC Comics.

The issues were previously solicited as written by Peter Tomasi and illustrated by Patrick Gleason, the incoming permanent Batman and Robin creative team. Their run will now start with February's issue #20. Guillem March is on covers, with variants by Gene Ha.

Cornell is already working in the Bat-family, writing currently unfolding miniseries Knight and Squire, starring the Dynamic Duo's British equivalents. McDaniel is a Batman comics veteran, with a lengthy stint on Nightwing, as well as runs on solo titles Batman and Robin.

The issues are scheduled to ship on the same dates as the Tomasi and Gleason issues — #17 (cover shown) on November 24, #18 on December 15 and #19 on January 12. The story revolves around a new, Cornell-created villain called The Absence.

Batman and Robin started in June 2009 as a showcase title for the newly formed team of Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin, and has consistently been one of DC's most critically acclaimed titles. Grant Morrison has written all 15 issues thus far published, with #16, his last, scheduled for release on November 3.

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