Gay Archie Character KEVIN KELLER Gets His Own Miniseries

KEVIN KELLER Gets His Own Miniseries

Following his debut appearance in September's sold-out Veronica #202, Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in the 70-year history of Archie Comics, is starring in his own miniseries launching in 2011.

The four-issue series will be written and drawn by Kevin's creator, Dan Parent. A specific release date has not yet been announced. The sellout of Veronica #202 prompted the first reprint of a single-issue comic book in Archie history.

Kevin got the publisher a large amount of mainstream attention after the initial announcement in April of this year, with gay pop culture Web site calling it "absolutely spot-on, pitch-perfect right." The announcement of the series counters skepticism that the character wouldn't be seen beyond his initial appearance.

In an August inteview with Newsarama, Archie pubilsher Jon Goldwater said, "Kevin has permanently moved to Riverdale. He’s already in three or four more stories going forward. Kevin is here to stay. He’s part of the Archie gang. This is not a one-off."

The full press release follows below:

New York, NY (October 26, 2010): Archie Comics—home to the world’s hottest new comic book character, Kevin Keller—is about to heat things up as they unveil plans to give Kevin his own four-issue mini-series!

When Kevin Keller’s debut issue Veronica #202 SOLD OUT almost immediately in September, Archie Comics commemorated the issue with a special edition variant reprint. Now the continued demand has lead Kevin Keller to his very own comic book mini-series to be written and drawn by his creator, Dan Parent!

“Kevin Keller has become larger than life! We are bringing him back with all the bells and whistles,” stated Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater.

Kevin Keller’s introduction into the world of Archie Comics has received world-wide praise. He even has his own debut app “Veronica #202” available individually or through the “Archie Comics” reader app. His fame has also made him and his debut comic the target for multiple charity auctions and fundraisers since its announcement early in 2010 at events run through San Diego International Comic-Con, New York Comic Con, NPR and more.

Called “pitch-perfect” by, Kevin Keller has caught the hearts of people across the US and world-wide. In response, the four issues coming out in 2011 will explore Riverdale with the spotlight on Kevin and develop his character more prominently amongst Archie and the rest of the “fab five” gang.

The mini-series will also be part of a pilot to decide if Kevin Keller will carry on with his very own ongoing series in the future.

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