Post Game TV Recap: STAR WARS: CLONE WARS S3E6 "Assassin"


Padawan Ahsoka Tano is getting stronger.  Though she is the same spunky girl we met in the feature film, the years of training and war are beginning to show around the temples of her head-tails.  Okay, not really.  But it is apparent in her Force abilities and her manner.  The Jedi Council even commends her recent displays of strength and courage.  Episode 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "Assassin," shows us just how much Ahsoka has grown up.

Ahsoka is left behind on Coruscant while Anakin travels to Balith to provide assistance with a civil war on the planet.  She is frustrated that she doesn't get to accompany him, but things start to take an interesting turn for her.  She starts having visions.  The shimmery edged dreams star wraith-like bounty hunter Aurra Sing.  She tells Ahsoka, “She will die, and there's nothing that you can do.”  Confused, Ahsoka visits Master Yoda.   He counsels Ahsoka about her visions.  “Always in motion is the future.”  This is not the first time we've heard Yoda give advice about visions, and it is reassuring to see how much of a constant and impressive influence he is.  

Further visions reveal that Aurra is after Padmé Amidala.  Frightened for her friend's safety, Ahsoka tells Padmé that she is in danger.  The Senator is in the midst of final preparations for a journey to Alderaan for a conference about war refugees.  She refuses to cancel her trip.  Ahsoka feels that the pending attempt on Padmé's life is imminent though, and she makes a last minute decision to accompany the Senator.  They kill time on the ship by playing dejarik holographic chess.  Ahsoka usually puts up a tough exterior, but she admits to Padmé that she doesn't have full confidence in herself.  She's unsure, especially when Anakin isn't around to help her.  Padmé confided that when she was Queen of Naboo, she had the same moments of uncertainty.  Ahsoka's faith in herself is further shaken that night when she mistakenly believes that Aurra Sing is on the ship.

They arrive safely to Alderaan.  Ahsoka meditates, and she is able to see where the assassination takes place.  She finds the room, and Padmé confirms that it is the room she will be speaking in later that day.    Sure enough, Aurra Sing does show up.  She's got a different jumpsuit too.  She must have realized that dusky blue is much more flattering to her pale skin than garish orange.  Regardless of her wardrobe, she is terrifying.  She maneuvers through the ducts above the heads of the conference attendees.  She assembles her sniper rifle and the clicking sounds of the pieces fitting together seem deafening.  Though Ahsoka and guards are being vigilant, Aurra comes way too close to completing her hit.  Ahsoka distracts her barely in time, but Aurra still manages to hit Padmé in the shoulder.  She escapes.

Though the safest move would be to leave Alderaan, Padmé decides to stay and continue the conference.  She doesn't want to let fear control her actions; in other words, she is stubborn.  Ahsoka at least talks her into sending a decoy into the conference room this time.  Bail Organa accompanies the cloaked robot.  The fake Padmé delivers her speech but nothing happens.  Aurra Sing was not tricked, and when she doesn't show Ahsoka guesses she is headed to Padmé's quarters.  Ahsoka barely arrives in time.  Padmé tells Aurra that her death will not stop relief efforts.  Aurra gives her a look that says “you're an idiot” and states that it's not about her “cause;” it's about revenge.  Aurra attacks and manages to nick Ahsoka in the arm.  Ahsoka falls, but  Padmé is ready.  She stuns the surprised Aurra with a blaster.

Though Aurra is captured, her employer is unknown.  With encouragement from Yoda, Ahsoka meditates on the question.  She hears crazy laughter and sees the color purple.   Padmé has many enemies, but those two clues lead to just one - Ziro the Hutt.  Anakin and Ahsoka pay a visit to his prison cell.  Ziro is a perfect example of why you should not judge a creature on appearance.  The heavily tattooed blob doesn't seem menacing, but it doesn't take much trickery to get Ziro to admit to hiring Aurra Sing.  He's livid with  Padmé for getting him stuffed into a cold prison cell.  There aren't even dancers for goodness' sake!  Ziro shouts future threats as Anakin and Ahsoka turn away.  We probably have not heard the last from him.

Trivia & Notes

Jaime King reprises her role as Aurra Sing; the villainous character was last seen in season 2's Lethal Trackdown.

If you think Aurra Sing's eye makeup looks familiar, you would be right.  It's intentionally similar to Daryl Hannah's character Pris in Bladerunner.

What, you thought you heard something familiar too?  Well done, Padawan.  Princess Leia's theme from the original trilogy can be heard as Padmé's ship is landing on Alderaan.  Yoda's theme plays while he is counseling Ahsoka.

Though Alderaan has been mentioned on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, this is the first time it has been seen in the series.

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