Download Netflix to Your PS3 Next Week, Improved Sound, Vid

Download Netflix to Your PS3 Next Week

It's time to throw away that pesky disc. In the increasingly downloadable world, starting Monday October 18, 2010, PlayStation 3 users will be able to download a Netflix application, doing away with the DVD previously needed for streaming on the console.

The new Netflix application will appear directly in the video section on the XMB. The added convenience isn't the only new feature for PS3 users in the US though, as the app has been redesigned, as well. The redesign has been done to streamline the experience, making it easier to navigate Netflix's streaming movies and television shows. The industry-exclusive search function stays in the downloadable application, as well.

Netflix also increased the quality of the streaming experience. "Select" videos will now be streaming in 1080i. The application also adds Dolby 5.1 channel surround sound audio to the experience. Throw in speedier playback starts, and the Netflix experience on the PlayStation 3 will get a much needed facelift come Monday.

Will this make you more likely to use Netflix on PS3? Will this make you more likely to use Netflix on PS3?

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