Atlas Comics Exclusive: GRIM GHOST Creative Team Revealed

GRIM GHOST Creative Team Revealed

Ardden Entertainment has announced exclusively to Newsarama the creative team for one of their revived Atlas Comics properties, The Grim Ghost

The ongoing Grim Ghost series will be written by Stephen Susco, who penned the screenplays for Sarah Michelle Gellar-starred horror films The Grudge and The Grudge 2. Providing art is Qing Ping Mui, who illustrated the The Grim Ghost #0 issue that debuted this past weekend at New York Comic Con.

Exclusive Grim Ghost cover concept art.

Here's how Ardden publisher and editor-in-chief Brendan Deneen describes Grim Ghost:

"The Grim Ghost is the story of The Fringe, the realm that exists between life and death.  The living can't see these "Fringewalkers" but they can see us.  And there's a war raging in the Fringe between Matthew Dunsinane, better known as The Grim Ghost, and his arch-enemy, a man simply known as Braddock.  This is a war that's been raging for hundreds of years.  The arrival of a powerful new soul in the Fringe sets Dunsinane and Braddock on a final collision course that will literally bring Heaven and Hell raining down on all of us."

On Sunday, Ardden named Steve Niles and Nat Jones as the creative team for Atlas Comics series Wulf. Monday, J.M. DeMatteis announced that he was stepping down as editor-in-chief of Ardden. 

Newsarama's interview with Deneen and Jason Goodman, grandson of Atlas Comics founder Martin Goodman, is here.

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