Newsarama's NYCC 2010 SUNDAY Coverage Schedule

NYCC 2010 FRIDAY Coverage Schedule

* All guests and times are EST and subject to change.

** All video inteviews are LIVE!/streaming, and all panel coverage is LIVE! from each event.

Newsarama's streaming video page can be found here...

10:00am: VIDEO - Tony Lee

10:30am: VIDEO - Dan Slott

10:30am: PANEL - Firebreather Screening/Panel

10:45am: VIDEO - Robert Kirkman

10:45am: PANEL - DC Nation: Town Hall Meeting

10:45am: PANEL - Marvel: The Women of Marvel

10:45am: PANEL - ComiXology

11:00am: VIDEO - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

11:30am: VIDEO - Fred Van Lente

12:00pm: VIDEO - Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Connor

12:30pm: VIDEO - Tony Daniel

12:45pm: VIDEO – Brian Bendis

01:00pm: VIDEO - Tomm Moore (Secret of Kells)

01:15pm: PANEL - Marvel: Next Big Thing

01:15pm: PANEL - BOOM! Studios/BOOM Kids!

01:30pm: VIDEO - Joe Quesada

01:30pm: PANEL - DC Focus: JMS

01:45pm: VIDEO - Firebreather Team

02:00pm: VIDEO - Ben 10 Team

02:15pm: PANEL - The Walking Dead on AMC

02:30pm: PANEL - What is the Vision Machine (Greg Pak)

02:30pm: PANEL - Dark Horse: VIDEO - Games & Comics

03:00pm: VIDEO - Nate Cosby

03:30pm: VIDEO - Andy Diggle

03:45pm: VIDEO - Dan Wallace (The Jedi Path)

03:45pm: PANEL - DC Digital

04:00pm: VIDEO - Day 3 Wrap-Up with NYCC’s Lance Fensterman

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