Newsarama's NYCC 2010 SATURDAY Coverage Schedule

NYCC 2010 FRIDAY Coverage Schedule

* All guests and times are EST and subject to change.

** All video inteviews are LIVE!/streaming, and all panel coverage is LIVE! from each event.

Newsarama's streaming video page can be found here...

10:00am: VIDEO - Anthony Del Col & Conor McCreery (Kill Shakespeare)

10:30am: VIDEO - Michael Uslan

10:45am: PANEL - Marvel VIDEO - Games

11:00am: VIDEO - Dustin Pari Host of Ghost Hunters

11:00am: PANEL - MTV Geek with Stan Lee

11:30am: VIDEO - Khoi Pham

12:00pm: VIDEO - Milo Ventimiglia

12:00pm: PANEL - Digital Comics

12:15pm: VIDEO - Justin Theroux, Danny McBride

12:15pm: PANEL - DC Universe

12:30pm: VIDEO - The Kuberts

01:00pm: VIDEO - David Finch

01:15pm: PANEL - Top Cow: We Create… Events!

01:15pm: PANEL - Image Comics Show

01:30pm: VIDEO - Corey Feldman or James Robinson

01:30pm: PANEL - Avengers Animated

01:45pm: VIDEO - Mark Waid

02:00pm: VIDEO - Jon Glaser

02:15pm: VIDEO - Joel Edgerton, Erik Christian Olsen

02:30pm: PANEL - Marvel Avengers Assemble!

02:30pm: PANEL - Stan Lee @ BOOM!

02:30pm: PANEL - Green Lantern: The Animated Series

02:35pm: VIDEO - Eric Bana, Joe Wright, Saorie Ronan

03:00pm: VIDEO - Chip Kidd

03:30pm: VIDEO - Marc Guggenheim

03:45pm: VIDEO - Ulrich Thomsen, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

03:45pm: PANEL - Vertigo: On the Edge

03:45pm: PANEL - Young Justice Animated

04:00pm: VIDEO - John M. Chu

04:00pm: PANEL - Marvel: Cup O' Joe

04:00pm: PANEL - DC Universe Online: Creating the Next Legend

04:30pm: VIDEO - Greg Pak

05:00pm: VIDEO - Paul Levitz

05:00pm: PANEL - Aspen Comics

05:00pm: PRESS CONFERENCE Young Justice/Green Lantern Animated - Avila

05:15pm: PANEL - Green Lantern: Emerald Empire

05:30pm: VIDEO - Gabriel Rodriguez

06:00pm: VIDEO - David Uslan (

06:15pm: PANEL - Marvel Anime

06:30pm: VIDEO - Day 2 Wrap-Up

07:00pm: VIDEO - Brian Bendis

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