Newsarama's NYCC 2010 FRIDAY Coverage Schedule

NYCC 2010 FRIDAY Coverage Schedule

** All times are EST and subject to change.

10:30am - Video: Christos Gage Live!

11:00am - Video: Marjorie Liu Live!

11:15am - Video: CB Cebulski Live!

11:30am - Video: Jim Martin (Sesame Street Puppet Maker) Live!

11:45am - Video: Carol Spinney (Big Bird) Live!

12:00pm - Video: Todd McFarlane Live!

12:30pm - Video: Chris Claremont Live!

01:00pm - Video: Richard Hatch (BSG) Live!

01:30pm - Video: Rob Corddry (actor) Live!

02:00pm - PANEL: Marvel: What's Next Digital LIVE!

02:15pm - PANEL: Spotlight on Geoff Johns LIVE!

02:20pm - Video: Seth Green & Matthew Senreich Live!

02:45pm - Video: Michael Jelenic Live!

03:00pm - Video: Bruce Timm Live!

03:15pm - PANEL: DC Comics 75th Anniversary LIVE!

03:15pm - PANEL: DCU Animated Films/Shorts LIVE!

03:30pm - PANEL: Marvel X-Men LIVE!

03:30pm - PANEL: Archaia Black Label LIVE!

04:00pm - Video: Peter David Live!

04:30pm - Video: Scott Snyder Live!

04:45pm - PANEL: Disney Publishing LIVE!

05:00pm - Video: Jeff Lemire Live!

05:30pm - Video: Blair Butler Live!

05:45pm - PANEL: Marvel T&A Presents LIVE!

05:45pm - PANEL: IDW Sneak Peek at 2011 LIVE!

05:45pm - PANEL: Dark Horse LIVE!

06:00pm - Video: Rick Karo Live!

06:00pm - PANEL: DC Nation LIVE!

06:30pm - Video: Day 1 Wrap-Up Live!

06:45pm - PANEL: Robot Chicken LIVE!

07:00pm - Video: Jackson Publick (Venture Bros) Live!

07:15pm - PANEL: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 LIVE!

08:00pm - PANEL: Venture Bros. LIVE!

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