Ardden Exclusive: Jim Krueger's THE STAND-IN Relaunches

Ardden Entertainment has exclusively informed Newsarama that The Stand-In, a title introduced with a #0 issue at New York Comic Con 2009 in February of that year and first announced in November 2008, will debut as an ongoing in 2011.

The series, from veteran writer Jim Krueger (Earth X, Justice) and artist Ben Bishop, depicts an actor who survives an assassination attempt while hired to stand in for a senator. Krueger and Bishop will both be in attendance at this weekend's NYCC promoting the book.

Ardden made headlines last month following the announcement that they'll be reviving the short-lived Atlas properties from the 1970s, which debuts with two #0 issues — The Grim Ghost and Phoenix — this weekend at NYCC.

The publisher's full release follows:

Ardden Entertainment is proud to announce the re-launch of Jim Krueger’s THE STAND-IN, which originally debuted at the 2009 New York Comic-Con with a prequel #0 issue. The first issue of the ongoing series will launch in early 2011.

THE STAND-IN chronicles the adventures of Dexter Laumb, a talented but troubled and out-of-work actor who's desperate for money. When he's offered a job to "stand in" for a low level Senator who has double-booked two events for the same evening, Dexter is excited by the prospective paycheck and thinks the job will be a breeze. Hair dye and make-up transform Laumb into a virtual double of Senator Joe Murphy. However, he soon realizes that he's bitten off more than he can chew when he's partnered with one of the Senator's senior aides, beautiful but acid-tongued Jennifer Forsythe. The two quietly go at it like cats and dogs while Dexter acts the part of the Senator, schmoozing and boozing as necessary. However, when a bullet rips through Dexter's shoulder and the crowd scatters, he soon finds himself on the run with Jennifer, attempting to unravel the truth behind the assassination attempt, and finding himself in the middle of a conspiracy with earth-shattering consequences…

Joining Krueger on THE STAND-IN is upcoming young artist, Ben Bishop. Krueger comments, “I think people are going to be amazed at the way Ben Bishop tells a story. He's going to be such a superstar, I just know he'll never work with me again.”

Bishop counters, “I feel very lucky that the guys over at Ardden and Jim Krueger, one of the best writers out there, have given me this opportunity. The story is great, it's going to be a lot of fun, and I think everyone is going to love it.”

Krueger concludes, “"I'm really excited to finally tell this story. And to take full advantage of my love of Hitchcock as a genre that mixes humor and horror with a lot of style. I was once held at gunpoint by someone who thought I was someone else as well. So, this one's a bit personal.”

Bishop and Krueger will be on hand at this weekend’s NYCC to sign a limited edition poster of THE STAND-IN, and Krueger will also be signing THE STAND-IN #0, the action-packed prequel that featured art by Alex Cal and a cover image inspired by John Byrne's classic cover for UNCANNY X-MEN #141.

Ardden Entertainment is the critically-acclaimed publisher of FLASH GORDON: THE MERCY WARS, CASPER AND THE SPECTRALS and the upcoming series FLASH GORDON: INVASION OF THE RED SWORD. In addition, they are working with Jason Goodman on the re-launch of Atlas Comics, which also debuts this weekend at NYCC with lead titles THE GRIM GHOST #0 and PHOENIX #0.

Have you been waiting for more of THE STAND-IN?

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