Hey, That's My Cape! - NEW YORK COMIC CON Baby!

NYCC & Anime Fest Together in 2010

During the last New York Comic Con I was freezing my buns off (Seriously, I was dressed as Zatanna) in brisk February New York City weather. That was February of 2009. It’s been almost two years since NYCC has graced the halls of the Jacob Javits Convention Center and boy am I happy to see it on the horizon this weekend. San Diego Comic-Con is one of a kind but I’m an East Coast girl and NYCC is my show.

SDCC is ridiculously fun but it’s also a monster and while NYCC may be trying to compete for status, success or recognition, it’s a different monster altogether. Reed Exhibitions, producers of the show, are slightly limited for the time being considering their event location. The Javits Center is on the West side of NYC with not much else surrounding it and although Reed has taken over the entire building this year by holding the New York Anime Festival there at the same time, we’re still stuck in one spot.

But that’s what I love about it.

I hope Reed never tries to expand just for the sake of expansion. If you’ve never been there, the Javits Center is actually a pretty sizable building with a generous amount of floor space for exhibitors and plenty of rooms for panels. And although there will be an abundance of them parked outside, you won’t feel like you need a cab to get from one end to the other.

Its panel numbers may be less but NYCC has a wide variety of them and other events. So much so you still won’t be able to see everything you want to see. The IGN Theater (think Hall H) holds 3000 people and will host panels and previews of hot items from Hollywood. On Friday, Bruce Timm will be there to show the audience clips from the next DC Universe Animated films, All-Star Superman and Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam. Plus, the boys from Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken and The Venture Bros. will be holding what will surely turn into comedy hour. If you manage to hear anything actually relating to their shows during that time it’ll be a miracle. More than likely you’ll get bizarre stories that involve donuts and goth clubs.

On Saturday check out the casts of ABC’s V and the new prequel of the 1980s classic The Thing titled…The Thing. Genius name guys. The costume Masquerade contest will also be held there that night. The winning team gets a trip to a global cosplay destination which makes me really jealous I can’t be there to enter. Sunday gives us the casts from the CW’s Nikita and The Vampire Diaries plus MTV is doing a very cool “Ten Years Later” panel with M. Night Shyamalan discussing his foray into superheroes, Unbreakable. They saved the best for last though in my opinion. AMC is premiering the first full scenes from The Walking Dead.

I haven’t even gotten to the regular panel rooms yet guys.

All three days have your usual comic publisher panels from the likes of DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW Publishing, Archaia, Top Cow and Boom, which are always great if you’re a fan but then there’s those gems you don’t want to miss out on if you can help it. “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” would be one of them. How about “Anime Clue?” If you’re a follower of The Onion you may want to sit in on “The Onion News Network Presents ‘Future: News From The Year 2137’” and see what NYCC will look like then. My guess is, exactly the same. Perhaps just floating in the sky.

There’s tons of fashion displays throughout the weekend plus cosplay tutorial, Lolita fashion and Steampunk how-to panels. You can learn all about toys, from how they’re made to collecting. I’ll be skipping those since I open all my toys. *GASP* You can seek out valuable advice for voice acting, getting into comics or video games and podcasting at several panels and see comedy acts like Start Trekkin’ as well.

Don’t forget about the return of the Cosplay Dating Game or the brand new NYCC/NYAF speed dating sessions. I. Can’t. Wait.

If there’s one thing NYCC has to work on or at least all the organizations presenting themselves at the convention have to work on in order to improve the show it’s after-hours events. That’s something that makes SDCC extra fun. Wherein San Diego you can find yourself crying over which event to attend, in New York you’ve probably known for weeks. Kirby Krackle will be performing at the Geek Girls Network Tweetup and a handful of other sites are holding small get-togethers at bars or comic shops but you’d think Hollywood or a brand name would try to utilize one of the greatest cities in the world by hosting parties for the thousands of geeks flocking there. It’s not being held in February anymore guys (thank god), you don’t have to worry about us staying in, huddling together for warmth in our hotel rooms. Then again, this is a con and they will be holding speed dating. Hmm...

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Are you ready for NYCC? Are you ready for NYCC?

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