Gage Wants Timeless CAPTAIN AMERICA Game, We Want Questions!


With yesterday's official announcement of SEGA's new Captain America: Super Soldier video game to go with the Summer 2011 film, several questions come immediately to mind. The announcement suggested "athletic," acrobatic moves along with shield-slinging and a WWII setting, but didn't get into much detail in any of those. The enemies will be a mix of traditional WWII foils (come on, you have to be able to punch a Nazi with Captain America!) and Hydra soldiers, along with supervillains like Red Skull and Arnim Zola, but how will they fit into the story? Oh, and that story? Well it's written by Christos Gage, and takes place in the movie universe without being a strict adaptation of the movie's story.

While Christos Gage can't say a ton just yet about the game, Newsarama did reach out to him, and his excitement shines through. This is a guy that wants desperately to make an awesome Captain America video game.

"For a longtime fan like me - I just recently came across the first Invaders comic I ever bought, issue #5, when I was four years old - it's a dream come true to work on bringing as iconic a figure as Captain America to life in an interactive videogame, where players can literally become him in the World War II setting that defined the character. It's also intimidating, because as fans ourselves, everyone involved knows how high expectations are! The development team and I are doing all we can to deliver an experience that both the comic book and videogame audiences will find rich and that will be as timeless as Cap himself."

These are just a couple of the questions that come immediately to mind, and we're sure you have more. Luckily, we'll be at New York Comic-Con this weekend, talking with Gage, developers, and even seeing an early build of the game! This is your chance to find out what you want to know about Captain America: Super Soldier. Just click the comment button below and post your questions in our forums, or go on Twitter and tweet your questions @Newsarama with the hashtag #RamaCap.

So, ask away, and we'll have plenty more on Captain America: Super Soldier plus Thor: The Game and more from NYCC 2010 this weekend!

So, what do you want to know? Click and tell us! So, what do you want to know? Click and tell us!

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