'Next Big Thing' - OSBORN LIVE!

Things were going so well for Norman Osborn —until he ended up in The Raft, Marvel's double-ultra-super maximum security prison. 

That's never the end of the story for a guy like him, though, and in November readers will take a trip behind bars to find out what's next for the former Green Goblin and one-time head of national security.

The five-issue Osborn miniseries is from writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Emma Rios — Newsarama talked with both creators when the series was announced in July — and today, DeConnick and editor Steve Wacker both talked with press in Marvel's latest "Next Big Thing" conference call. To follow along with our live coverage, click below, and check back at the conclusion of the call for brand-new interior art from the series.

Osborn's not locked in here with you, you're locked in there with him.

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