Smallville's CAT GRANT Is Stirring up Trouble in Metropolis

At this summer's Comic Con, Smallville announced that the role of reporter Cat Grant would now be played by Keri Lynn Pratt.  (In Season 9, she was played by Emilie Ullerup.)  In this week's episode, 'Shield,' we'll finally get to see her.  We got a chance to chat with Pratt about her role, coming back in the episode 'Isis,' her interaction with Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois (Erica Durance) and what sort of trouble she gets herself into.  In the promo for 'Shield,' Pratt's Cat shoots a stun gun, fires an air horn and talks about a failed car bomb.  Ah, Deadshot.  You naughty boy.  Pratt also gives us a taste of what we'll see when she returns later in the season and teases the appearance of Godfrey.

Newsarama:  It was a huge announcement that you would be playing Cat Grant at the San Diego Comic Con this summer.  So how has fan reaction been since the news broke?

Keri Lynn Pratt:  It's pretty crazy because Comic Con happened just two days after I got up to Vancouver and started shooting, so it was all a bit of a whirlwind.  But it's pretty exciting.  I didn't realize, I don't think, the fan strong it is and how great they are with this so.  It's been really fun, seeing everyone's interaction and excitement and all that.

Nrama:  I watched the promo and you have a little interaction with Green Arrow (Justin Hartley).  Can you talk a bit about what happens with your character in this episode?

Pratt:  Well, Cat is kind of always getting herself in trouble.  She's quite determined to get her story and what she wants.  So she ends up in quite a bit of trouble.  In this episode she is set on exposing the vigilantes, as she calls them.  The superheroes.  So she'll kind of do anything to get there.  And so she finds herself in some peculiar situations.

Nrama:  I know Cat has some spunk and an assortment of self-defense weapons.  Are we going to see any fight scenes?

Pratt:  Um, no.  [laughs]   There're no 'fight' scenes.  But there are a few chase scenes.

Nrama:  Will there be any references to the earlier Cat appearance?

Pratt:  No.  I don't think so.  I don't know a ton about that.  I didn't know that she had previously been on the show.  I mean, I read it on the internet after I'd gotten this, that she had been in an episode a few seasons ago.  But there is no tie-in to that.  There is no reference to that.

Nrama:  I had read that you said Cat has a crush on Clark.  Can you tell us about the interaction between the two of them?

Pratt:  Yeah, I think that she has...I think that Clark...I think she thinks that he listens to her and he's on board with her beliefs, which isn't exactly the truth.  But I think that he's kind and she enjoys the interaction with him.  I think it's more of a friendship developing between the two of them.

Nrama:  Lois is obviously in Egypt now and of course we want to see Cat/Lois interaction.  Are you guys going to have any battles?

Pratt:  Actually, in the episode 'Isis,' Cat actually thinks that Lois is the Blur.  She tries to play that one out and do a little research on that.  That will be a fun episode with Cat and Lois interactions.  [laughs]

Nrama:  I know the character in the comics is pretty intense.  So what sort of reporting techniques does Cat use in these episodes?

Pratt:  Cat is just ultimately determined.  And she will do anything to get the story that she needs to get, whether it involves getting herself into trouble, putting herself in doesn't matter.  She's like, tunnel vision to get her story.

Nrama:  The character of Cat has a son.  Are we going to see him?

Pratt:  You don't actually see the son, but there is reference to him.  

Nrama:  I know in the comics, Cat is now a foil to Supergirl.  Is there any chance that, throughout the season, we'll see Cat interact with Supergirl (Laura Vandervoot) in the show?

Pratt:  That I do not know.  [laughs]

Nrama:  Cat is listening to a radio personality named Godfrey...what can you tell us about that?

Pratt:  Yes.  Cat...that's kind of like her god. She believes in everything he says.  She believes in his theories, his beliefs, and that is kind of her...she uses him as a bit of a mentor for the way she goes about getting her story.

Nrama:  Will we actually see him or will it just be the radio for now?

Pratt:  Just the radio.

Nrama:  How are we setting up Cat's reappearance in 'Isis?'

Pratt:  Cat just pops back in.  She goes away to, I believe Alaska on a trip.  And then she's back for 'Isis,' much to the dismay of Lois.  [laughs]

Nrama:  So how was the cast to work with?

Pratt:  The cast was amazing.  Going into a show that's been together for ten years can be a bit intimidating.  But Tom is just amazing.  The entire cast.  Cassidy (Freeman), Justin, Erica...everyone was so welcoming.  It was like a big family.  They are all so passionate about it and they're all so dedicated to their fans and making the show great that it was such a great energy and experience.

Nrama:  I know Cat is being stalked by Deadshot (Bradley Stryker).  How much interaction do you guys have and how was it working with Bradley.

Pratt:  There some interaction with him and Bradley was great.  He was actually just perfect in this part and he's pretty scary.  They were fun scenes to shoot with him.

Nrama:  Is there anything else you can tell us about the episode?

Pratt:  I don't want to get myself in trouble.  I think in this episode, it's fun.  It's fun to see Clark's interaction with Cat and Cat, not intentionally, but she gets his wheels turning a little bit about his own self and it's a fun way that it plays out.  

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