Comic-Con Staying in San Diego For 'Foreseeable Future'

Comic-Con International is staying in San Diego, at least through 2015.

"In the end, we feel this decision is the best for all those who attend Comic-Con and for the organization itself," said David Glazner, director of marketing and public relations for Comic-Con, in a statement. "We are happy that the community has worked with us to ensure that we remain here."

Ongoing concerns with overcrowding had led to rampant speculation that Comic-Con might move to Los Angeles or Anaheim afters its lease with San Diego Convention Center expired in 2012. The release confirmed that the organization "considered proposals" from both cities.

Since 2007, Comic-Con has capped attendance at approximately 125,000 each year. In April, San Diego Convention Center secured land needed for a $752.7 million expansion.

San Diego has hosted Comic-Con since its inception in 1970. A press conference is scheduled for 11:45 a.m. Friday at the convention center.

Happy Comic-Con is staying put?

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