NEW COMICS DAY Twitterama - YOU Review Comics! 09/29

NEW COMICS DAY Twitterama - YOU Review!

It's the fifth Wednesday of September, but hardly a "skip week" — there's lots of material going on sale this New Comic Book Day. For plenty of previews of this week's new books, click right here.

Each and every week, J. Caleb Mozzocco breaks down the new releases over at Blog@Newsarama in a column called ‘Twas the Night Before Wednesday…, this week sharing a drawing of Barney Google making a long-awaited discovery.

DC Comics is having another big news week — announcing Bob Harras as their new editor-in-chief on Monday. Wonder Woman will soon be under his auspices, and J. Michael Straczynski's run continues with today's #603. Lex Luthor's tour of the DC Universe's underbelly continues with Action Comics #893, which also debuts the Jimmy Olsen Second Feature.

Atlas ends its run with issue #5 over at Marvel, and the Mark Waid-penned "Origin of the Species" continues with Amazing Spider-Man #644. FrankenCastle wraps up with #21, and this week also sees Powers #6, the first issue of the long-running Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Oeming creator-owned title released in a bit.

This week also sees the premiere of Dark Horse's Terminator: 1984 #1 written by Zack Whedon, a new issue of Chew, #14, over at Image, and IDW's 5 Days to Die closing out with #5.

The Best Shots gang has already reviewed those last three comics — plus Top Cow's Artifacts #2 and more — right here, but we want to hear from, yep, you.  So, when you snag your stack this week, hop on Twitter (Don't forget to follow us!), and tell the world what you think of this week's reads. Just add the hashtag:


and it'll go into our stream right here! So share your thoughts, spread the word, and let's talk comics!

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