BOB HARRAS As DC E-i-C? Industry Says It's A Good Thing

Yesterday's announcement by DC Entertainment that Bob Harras is the new Editor-in-Chief for the DCU and Vertigo imprints was a surprise to most comic book professionals, yet many of the ones we polled thought it made sense.

The promotion moves Harras up from his former DC position as "group editor, collected editions," but also returns him to the type of job he held at Marvel in the late '90s, when he was that publisher's editor-in-chief.

During his tenure at Marvel, he worked with many of the industry's top creators. We talked with a few of them to gauge the reaction to the news.

Kurt Busiek:

I should say up front that Bob greenlit Thunderbolts, hired me for Avengers and Iron Man and put me together with Carlos Pacheco for Avengers Forever, so I'll confess to some bias. Those were some very nice opportunities for me.

That said, though, I'd think Bob's a very good choice for the job even if those things hadn't happened — not only does he have the skills, the experience and the temperament for managing a large and complicated line of books, and not only is he already familiar with DC's inner working after years of being in charge of collected editions for them, but I think Bob's got very particular skills that'll serve DC very well right now -- he's great at finding exciting artists and at focusing on a series' core concepts. Expect books with a strong sense of identity and a lot of energy.

I think DC just got a lot stronger, with Bob running Editorial.

Tom DeFalco:

Hoo-Ha! With a major talent like Bob Harras back in the game, DC will be even more interesting!

Alan Davis:

I always enjoyed working with Bob at Marvel. Thoroughly professional but always courteous and considerate. One of the few true gentlemen of the comic industry. No, I'm not looking for work, I'm under an exclusive to Marvel. I genuinely like and respect Bob and wish him all the very best in his new job.

Whilce Portacio:

Hey, Bob was the guy who listened to two Asian dudes (Jim Lee and myself) and let us make X-Men pop the way we wanted to. I believe that Bob has the experience and the vision and the guts to take the right risks to be head honcho for DC. I can't wait to see how he shapes the DCU.

J.M. DeMatteis:

Guardian of the DC Universe is one of the best gigs in comics and I wish Bob all the best.

Rob Liefeld:

Bob Harras is a competitor. He likes to compete and knows how to compete at the highest level. When he took over the X-Office he asked a bunch of newbies named Lee, Liefeld, Portacio, Nicieza and Lobdell to shake things up. That didn't turn out so bad for everyone. The idea of Bob, Dan Didio, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee colluding together to take DC to new heights makes for an exciting dynamic. It will be fun to watch.

Peter David:

It's news to me.  I'm surprised and pleased to hear it.  Bob was the one who jump-started my career by putting me on "Incredible Hulk" after I'd been tossed off "Spec Spidey" all those years ago, and I'll always be grateful to him for that.  I wish him the best of luck.

Erik Larsen:

Can't say it's at all surprising given his history with Jim Lee. Time will tell if it makes any kind of difference.

Jimmy Palmiotti:

Well, that is a nice bit of great news. Making Bob Harras the new E.I.C. of D.C. comics is a brilliant move. Think about it… Bob has the experience already built in running a line of books and working with artists and writers, so it makes total sense, especially with Geoff, Jim and especially Dan at his side.

Bob has always been a part of my lifetime in comics, even when Joe [Quesada] and I were creating the Marvel Knights line way back when, Bob was there to lend a hand and help us in making the line a success. When Bob left Marvel and went freelance as an editor, he not only encouraged me to write, but gave Justin and I the opportunity of a lifetime and edited two creator shared titles at Wildstorm with us,  21 Down and The Resistance. 'Til this day, I cannot thank him enough for his support. This is a solid choice and an exciting one for a number of reasons. Congrats D.C. Comics and especially Bob Harras!

Roger Stern:

Editor-in-Chief of a major comics company has to be up there with lion tamer and air traffic controller on the list of jobs that I try to avoid. 

But Bob's still a young man, and he knows no fear.  I wish him all the best. 

Paul Jenkins:

I suppose my only reaction would be to wish Bob the very best. He was the EIC at Marvel when I did , so I certainly have fond memories of my time working with him.

What's YOUR initial reaction?

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