DC Planning to 'Fire or Move' 80 Employees, Reports Say

Following Tuesday's announcement of DC Entertainment's "bi-coastal realignment," filings with the New York State Department of Labor indicate that 80 employees will be either laid off or relocated.

Though parent company Warner Bros. did not comment on the ratio of layoffs to relocations or specific staff members affected in an article published Thursday by Bloomberg, the Sept. 22 filing shows that layoffs are scheduled from Dec. 27 to Aug. 27, 2011.

Eighty employees make up approximately a third of DC's current estimated workforce of 250. An LA Times blog post Tuesday reported that 20 percent of employees would lose their jobs.

Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment, confirmed layoffs in an interview with Newsarama on Tuesday.

"There are promotions of people, there are offers of relocations, and unfortunately, there are some layoffs," Nelson said.

By the end of 2011, the multi-media and digital content production aspects of DC will relocate to a Warner Bros.-managed property in Burbank, Calif. The DC Comics publishing division will remain in New York City.


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