Fraction and Gillen on Their UNCANNY X-MEN Team-Up

Fraction and Gillen an UNCANNY Team

Kieron Gillen first distinguished himself as a writer in the world of journalism, covering video games in publications like PC Gamer UK and the Rock, Paper, Shotgun blog.

Recently, though, he's leveled up his comic book writing career, with the acclaimed creator-owned series Phonogram at Image Comics, and steady work at Marvel — filling the gap between J. Michael Straczynski and Matt Fraction's runs on Thor and launching upcoming X-Men family ongoing Generation Hope.

So last week's announcement that Gillen's now exclusive to Marvel Comics wasn't the most surprising thing in the world, nor was the other part of that news: that he's also coming on board flagship X-title Uncanny X-Men as a permanent co-writer as of December's #531, joining current writer Fraction and artist Greg Land for a story called "Quarantine."

Though they might be new as co-writers on Uncanny, Gillen and Fraction are certainly not new to each other, as made clear when Newsarama talked with the friends and collaborators via e-mail on how their partnership came about, what to expect next from the title and the creative power of "the international language of screaming."

Looking forward to the Gillen/Fraction team?

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