WILL FERRELL Goes For World Record in MEGAMIND Event

Will Ferrell voices a supervillain in the upcoming animated comedy “Megamind,” but he’ll be leading a potentially world record-breaking crowd of superheroes next month in Los Angeles in a promotional event held by studio DreamWorks Animation. The current world record for “Largest Gathering of Superheroes” stands at 1,500, set last month at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

The Oct. 2 event is open to the public, but to qualify towards the attempt, interested parties must arrive dressed as an established superhero from comics, books, TV or film. The characters in “Megamind” are creations original to the movie.

Guinness World Records is sanctioning the affair, to be held at the L.A. Live complex in downtown Los Angeles. Adjudicator Stuart Claxton will be on hand to verify the results. Ferrell isn’t new to dressing up when promoting “Megamind.” At Comic-Con International: San Diego this summer, Ferrell appeared in full costume and blue face-paint to resemble his character, complete with large, round headgear.

“Megamind,” scheduled for release in theaters on Nov. 5, stars Ferrell as the voice of an unsuccessful yet highly intellectual supervillain and Brad Pitt as his superhero arch-nemesis, Metro Man. Tina Fey and Jonah Hill voice supporting characters.

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