PlayStation MOVE Out Now, Which Motion Do You Want? (POLL)

PlayStation MOVE Available Now (POLL)

The Sony PlayStation 3 can now get you in motion with the Move peripheral's launch today. The combination of the PlayStation Eye camera and the wireless Move wand and Navigation Controllers brings, according to Sony, the most accurate motion controls available. It's also one of the most expensive possible solutions, even if you already own all of your gaming consoles.

The starter bundle, with one controller, the Eye, and the game Sports Champions,  will run you $100. However, if you want the navigation controller, required for full use of many Move games, that's an extra $30. Want two player action? Of course you do, that's the whole point of family gaming. That's another $50 for a second main controller, and another $30 for the navigation controller. In short, this is truly an investment, and nearly a second console purchase if you want your motion controls in high definition gaming today.

The launch also includes games, of course, with only a handful out today. In addition to Sports Champions, the strategy game Ruse has Move support out of the box, and you can swing your virtual golf clubs around with Tiger Woods, or play an old-school on rails shooter with the appropriately titled Shoot. A few games will be getting Move support as an update, and many more are launching over the coming weeks.

Now, we put it to you. Are you going to dive into the Move experience? Or maybe you're waiting for Microsoft's camera-only based motion controller, Kinect, coming next month. Maybe you have or want the Wii, and that's all the motion controls you need. Or maybe you're just content with playing games with a normal controller, sitting on your couch comfortably.

You do not need to register in order to vote, so make your voice heard here. Then, if you want to start the trash talk on everyone else's motion choices, sign up for our forums and comment away by clicking the box below.

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Which do you want and why? Which do you want and why?

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