DC Will Play 'Bigger Role' At WB, Report Says

Batman, Superman and their fellow DC Comics superheroes are about to become a much bigger part of the greater plans of corporate owner Warner Bros., according to an article published by The Hollywood Reporter late Thursday.

The report quotes Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference, saying that the media organization is going to get "much more entrepreneurial" in the way it handles DC's characters. Meyer is also quoted as characterizing the past relationship between the two entities as Warner Bros. presiding over DC in a "custodial way."

An announcement is expected next week, to be followed by more detailed plans in a month as to how DC's roster of superheroes will be presented to consumers going forward, with the article noting more than just feature films are in the works.

Quotes from Meyer suggest that the move is partially motivated as a way to rebound following the impending end of the Harry Potter film franchise, with its last movie set for July 2011.

The Green Lantern feature film starring Ryan Reynolds is set for a 3-D release from Warner Bros. on June 17, 2011. Earlier this month, reports surfaced that Warner Bros. TV was in the beginning stages of work on adapting DC's critically acclaimed The Sandman as a series. 

Last week, Newsarama reported that a treatment had been turned in for a film version of The Flash, and that screenwriter Marc Guggenheim was in early talks on a Green Lantern sequel.

In 2008, Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight became the second-highest grossing film in domestic box office totals of all time, though Avatar has since knocked it to third. Nolan's third Batman film is slated for 2012.

Since the creation of DC Entertainment last year, speculation has continued that DC Comics might be moving offices from New York to Los Angeles. Whether or not that's part of these plans remains to be seen.


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