Marvel's Latest Teaser - ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT


Marvel Comics unleashed a particularly intriguing teaser image on Thursday afternoon, this time illustrated by Carlo Pagulayan and featuring deceased X-Men Banshee and Thunderbird, multiple Multiple Men in both his current look and '90s costume, the two dead Stepford Cuckoos, the familiar phrase "all new, all different," and no other detail than "Coming December 2010."

Well, feel free to speculate away on this one. Marvel's December solicitations should hit early next week, and we'll surely know a lot more about this then.

Keep in mind that in December, Marvel will still be in the midst of Chaos War, a story already known to be involving some dead Avengers, dead Alpha Flight members and the recently ripped-in-half God of War, Ares.

Double Madrox costumes! What does it MEAN?

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