After the US Air Force's BATMAN, What's Next?

The United Sates Air Force has recently revealed <a href=>that it has taken a page from one of the world’s finest heroes</a> in an effort to improve the combat performance of its elite soldiers. As described on our sister site Tech News Daily:

<quote>Started by the Air Force in 2004, BATMAN – short for Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided kNowledge – aims to modernize the gear that commandos take with them on covert missions.


Although there is no "Batsuit" per se, the BATMAN program does center around what Daniels called the "human chassis," or the idea of the body as a scaffold for all of a mission's appropriate gear.</quote>

While the concept and acronym are likely the product of a well-spent youth reading comics, rather than a real desire to turn troopers into Batman, it does make one think how other super-heroic concepts can be applied to modern warfare.

Service Brach/Specialty: US Navy SEALs

Acronym: NAutical MObility optimizeR

What it does:   In addition to a hydrodynamic next-gen re-breather, the NAMOR system will feature a micron-thin full-body wetsuit that is resistant to heat loss but allows for water to pass through, as to retain human skin’s natural low friction coefficient in water. Optionally, standard-issue military green briefs can be worn under the suit for modesty.  NAMOR also features a pair of small, ankle WINGS (Water INtake Glide System) for jet-like underwater propulsion.

Service Brach/Specialty:  US Marines

Acronym:  Counter-insurrectionAry Battle survivabiLity Enhancer

What it does:  The CABLE combination body armor and eye piece is designed first and foremost to keep the Marine in combat and operating at peak efficiency.  Telescoping Kevlar mesh bands can be extended to cover the Marine’s arms and legs, extremities that are not normally covered by standard issue body armor, decreasing the likely hood that a less-than-lethal wound will take him or her out of the action.  The CABLE eye-piece contains a state of the art IFF system that overlays the Marine’s vision calling out not only when he is viewing and/or targeting a friendly (based on their CABLE system’s IFF responder), but also can better aid in the identifying between enemies and non-combatants based on their armament and physical disposition.

Service Brach/Specialty:  Central Intelligence Agency

Acronym:  CYbernetic Poly-lingual compreHension Enablement Receiver

What it does:  The CYPHER is a completely undetectable translation device that sits comfortably (though excessive sneezing has been reported) in a field agent’s upper sinus cavity providing live, simulations translation of any foreign language overheard.  The CYPHER implant utilizes a pico-tech differential engine that receives, translates and broadcasts a pre-selected language directly to the agent’s inner-ear via resonance of their cranial bone (some headaches have been reported).  It is also constructed using bio-degradable adhesives, trading a short operational window for low chance at identification in case of involuntary extraction (effect of said chemical breakdown inside the human sinus cavity has not been tested).

Service Brach/Specialty:  The Girl Scouts of America

Acronym:  Sales QUota achIeving Rapid tRainng Exercise and Lifetime taGalongs addIct Recruitment and enabLement

What it does:  The SQUIRREL GIRL program is an intense three month long resident training period that forges young girls into cookie-hawking human dynamos.  Over the course of a single summer away from school, the SQUIRREL GIRL camp will teach young Girl Scouts everything they need to know to sell their wares from any schoolyard, supermarket parking lot or anywhere with even the slightest amount of foot traffic.  The program will also teach these young women the powerful effects of addiction, and how that can be harnessed to not only bolster a single sale’s volume, but how to keep customers coming back again and again for years to come.

Any others you can think of?

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