The Most Greedy Time of the Year W/ LARFLEEZE Xmas Special

LARFLEEZE Xmas Special Official

While Geoff Johns first mentioned the idea of a Larfleeze Special right here at Newsarama last year. He then teased its existence at Comic-Con International: San Diego back in July, and some thought he was just joking.

DC Comics today confirmed that he was serious about the Orange Lantern, Larfleeze, seizing his own greed-filled Christmas Special this December. In Larfleeze Christmas Special, the Orange Lantern decides that Christmas itself should belong to him. That means he's going after presents, decorations, and even Santa himself, showing that old green guy how it's done.

The story is written by Geoff Johns, with art by Brett Booth, and a cover from star artist Gene Ha. Other Orange Lanterns, and by the looks of the cover, Hal Jordan, will also be featured in the book.

Larfleeze Christmas Special, a one-shot, can be MINE - er - yours this December.

What other Lantern should get their own special? What other Lantern should get their own special?

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